May 31, 2006

No persecution without representation

This is a second draft of my Letter to the Editor concerning Allen Young’s Editorial in the Worcester Telegram. We all need to keep in mind that unless the Legislature brings the Marriage Amendment up for a vote at the Constitutional Convention July 12, we will have dire situation for Religious Freedom in Massachusetts.

Allen Young, in his ‘As I See It’ editorial in support of gay marriage (T&G 5/22/06) engages in argument by insult, calling those who seek civil debate on marriage ‘anti-gay’, against civil rights, and discriminatory. Young further inflames the situation by claiming the Bible justified “slavery, child labor, women as property and archaic rules about food, clothing and sexuality.”

Mr. Young’s errors require correction. The Slavery in America, known as Man-Stealing was expressly forbidden by the Bible (Ex21:16). The slavery of indentured servitude was tolerated by the Israelites, but with provisions to temper it, such as freeing the indentured slaves after 7 years (Lv25). Those ‘archaic rules about food’ were actually changed for Christians by Jesus himself (Mk7:19), not ‘as the result of improved information and technology’.

Jesus also taught on sexuality, not archaically but clearly; that the two, male and female, become one flesh in marriage (Mt19). Mr. Young’s insults and errors indicate that the Religious Liberty to oppose same-sex marriage will no longer be tolerated and religiously principled teachings on Traditional marriage will be equated with morally repugnant racist beliefs.

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