May 19, 2006

Dude, where's my sacred feminine goddess?

It looks like the DaVinci Code could reach the commercial (and artistic) success of the Aston Kutcher movie, "Dude, where's my Car?" The audience in Cannes laughed; even though this movie is billed as a Thriller. Perhaps this would be funny if so many people had not swallowed Brown's phony historical premise and lost their faith. Or thrown their faith away.

You might argue that if they lost their faith based on this movie, then they never really had the Faith. A valid point, but I still think however that we are called to help those who have less faith than us, to help them on their path towards Heaven. Wouldn't evangelization also include those who've basically heard the story of Christ, but they just don't get it yet? The family metaphor works very well in Christianity, and some of us are spiritually the older children in the family, and some of us are spiritually 2 years old. Just like in a real family, when Dad gets home and the house is a mess from a wild party, Dad does not yell at the little kids first, Dad goes to the ones who should have known better.

Evil does not often come with a warning label. Sometimes it is dressed up, packaged, prettified. Sometimes it is simply cold and efficient, as the Nazi Concentration Camps were. The phrase, ‘the banality of evil’ was used to describe the everydayness of these camps of death.

Peggy Noonan summed up this idea in her latest Opinion Journal Piece, writing:

There is a God. Or, as a sophisticated Christian pointed out yesterday, there is an Evil One, and this may be proof he was an uncredited co-producer. The devil loves the common, the stale. He can't use beauty; it undermines him. ‘Banality is his calling card.’

The bad reviews highlighting the banality of the DaVinci Code movie could help prevent an even greater loss of Faith by the ignorant, weak and feeble, but then again if the Prince of this world was an uncredited co-producer, this story is not over yet. We spiritual older brothers and sisters know how the story turns out, but our Spiritual younger brothers and sisters don’t seem to. Please keep praying - especially the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

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