Apr 15, 2006

Prof. O'Brien's VOTF club

December 3, 2002
fax: 508 793-9313

Prof. David O’Brien took an awful long time to declare that his idea of Catholic Church reform is to change doctrinal beliefs that are 2000 years old and older (My Turn, Telegram and Gazette, Dec.2, 2002). He wants the Church to say that all of a sudden lots of things are OK. The Church has always taught that homosexual sex is just like extra-marital sex, just like bearing false witness, just like stealing, just like taking God’s name in vain, just like covetousness, etc… - a sin that needs to be confessed and repented of! Active homosexuals need to join the rest of us sinners in repentance. Join the club.

Groups like Voice of the Faithful also want to “reform” the Church, but they say one thing and do another. VOTF claims fidelity to the teachings of the Pope and the Church, yet they host speakers who want to change Catholic doctrine to allow homosexual marriages, female priests, homosexual priests, and abortion (the ban on Priestly heterosexual marriage is discipline, not doctrine, and could change, but most likely won’t).

You will not find evidence of this agenda of dissent on the VOTF web site, but follow the links to their July 20 conference at the Hynes Auditorium and it will become all too clear. I urge all Catholic faithful to exercise caution before committing any treasure or talent to VOTF.


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