Feb 8, 2017

How you Fell is How you will be Saved

However you fell is how you will be saved. For you men who lived a dissolute life and fell by pursuing women, it will be by your pursuit of one Woman that you will be saved. For those of you men who due to SSA fell by your pursuit of men, it will be by your pursuit of one Man, the Son of the Woman, the Son of God, that you will be saved.

"Woe to me if I do not preach and warn them, for I would be held responsible for their condemnation... How often I pray, with St. Catherine of Siena:"
'O my God, grant me a place by the gates of hell, that I may stop those who enter there saying: Where are you going, unhappy one? Back, go back! Make a good confession. Save your soul. Don't come here to be lost for all eternity!'
Further he boldly proclaimed: 'The sole reason why society is perishing is because it has refused to hear the word of the Church, which is the word of life, the word of God. All plans for salvation will be sterile if the great word of the Catholic Church is not restored in all its fullness." - St. Anthony Mary Claret

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