Feb 11, 2017

Defund Planned Parenthood

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed a defund Planned Parenthood bill that takes same money and funds other Federally approved local (and sometimes rural) HealthCare providers. That vote was Friday Feb. 10th, along mostly party lines 241-187, with 2 Democrats voting to Defund and 3 Republicans voting against. Another vote on a related bill tightening restrictions on abortion doctors who violate infant protections was a little better, 248-177. The defund bill needs to be rolled into a bigger Spending Bill, which Democrats are going to drag their feet and scheme to de-rail in the House.

After the House finally gets a Spending Bill, the Next step would be for that bill to move up to the Senate, where it will be delayed and fought by Dems, but most likely will pass along Party lines again.

Local Defund Planned Parenthood rallys in Massachusetts today.

Feb 11 Sat 10am-noon Defund Planned Parenthood Rally in Worcester, pro-lifers across the country will hold rallies at Planned Parenthood facilities, calling for an immediate end to the organization’s federal funding. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion chain and receives over $500 million from taxpayers every year. But pro-life leaders in Washington are now moving to end that government subsidy. Come out on February 11 and raise your voice with tens of thousands of pro-lifers across the country demanding that our government defund Planned Parenthood! Where: Planned Parenthood, 470 Pleasant St. in Worcester, More Info: Call Sandra Kucharski
Feb 11 Sat 10:30am ProtestPP Boston, Planned Parenthood, 1055 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Mass. Defund Planned Parenthood Protest with speakers, 9am Helpers of God’s Precious Infants Prayer Vigil
Feb 11 Sat PProtestPP Springfield - Planned Parenthood, 3550 Main St #201, Springfield
Feb 11 Sat 10am Mass scheduled to be celebrated by Fr. Adam Reid
Feb 11 Sat Postponed Fitchburg Defund Planned Parenthood Rally

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