Oct 31, 2010

Pro-Life email Early November 2010

Nov 2 - Election. Vote for Pro-Life and fiscal sanity.
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One update - I was a little severe in labelling Golik who's running for Congress - So
DISTRICT 5 - Pro-Life Anti-Traditional Marriage DALE E. BROWN (I) or "Not exactly Pro-Life" Repub Jon Golnik who opposes partial-birth abortion and the funding of abortion or Lefty nutcase NICKI TSONGAS (D) - a tough choice.

Nov 3 Wed Noon Memorial Mass for Dr. Mildred Jefferson, Our Lady Help of Christians Church 573 Washington St. Newton
Nov 4 Thu 6:30PM Fitchburg Knights of Columbus hosts Linda Thayer on the Massachusetts Health Frameworks Curriculum, which contains the radical sexual education component promoted by the abortion and lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgendered (LGBT) lobbies.

Nov 5 Fri 8PM 1st Friday Mass, all night Eucharistic Adoration Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc. Scheduled Adorers (Let me know if you cannot make it)
8:30 PM – Nina T. 9PM - Chris T. 10PM – Julie S - Paul T
11PM - Eileen D, 12 AM midnight – Shawn S. 1AM – Jim R 2AM – Fran W
3AM – Jay G 4PM – Kyle McD 5AM – Fred M - Bob D
6:00 AM – Mike and Chris 7:00 AM – Kathy L
Nov 6 Sat 8AM 1st Saturday Mass Problem Pregnancy Chapel, abortions scheduled across the Street at Planned Parenthood
Nov 7 Sun 3PM Patriotic Rosary St. Mary's N. Grafton

Nov 27, Sat Day of Prayer for all Nascent Human Lives

Murkeyness in Boston

40 Days for Life wrap up "541 babies -- and their mothers -- that God has spared from abortion"
Thanks and God Bless,
Jay G.

Prayer Needs;

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