Sep 9, 2010

Visitation House Manager needed

Visitation House is looking for a House Manager. Job description below.
Contact Eve.

Job Description
(AN=as needed, O=occasionally, D, W, M, Y)
Reports directly to the Executive Director
D Act as spiritual mentor and role model
D Schedule daily shift staff and volunteer chores
D Discuss daily events with incoming staff to ensure smooth transition to next shift
D General upkeep of the house - inside and outside
AN Oversee all maintenance projects dealing with the physical plant (review with Exec. Dir.)
W Schedule weekly chores for the residents
AN Hire and fire shift staff with the approval of the Executive Director
AN Oversee the preparation and cleaning of vacated resident's rooms
AN Communicate house rules to new residents - need to update resident manual with Social Services Mgr.
AN Train shift staff / be available in case of emergency
Y Review shift staff performance via written evaluation
W Oversee house laundry
AN Communicate house rules to paid and volunteer staff via employee handbook
AN Address violations of house rules as needed, along with Social Services Manager and shift staff
AN Be present and available to residents

3xW Keep inventory of food and supplies
3xW Shop for groceries and household supplies
AN Purchase office and house supplies with Executive Director
W Co-chair weekly house meeting to go over general needs and goals - 2 pm
W Prepare weekly menus with residents at house meeting
D Coordinate shift staff in assisting residents with cooking

Y Co-produce an employee handbook with the assistance of Exec. Dir. and Social Services Mgr.

M Communicate wishes of Board of Directors to staff and staff to Board of Directors via Soc. Serv. Mgr.
AN Resident and shift staff grievences are to be referred to Exec. Dir.

M Co-produce monthly Mass and dinner with Social Services Mgr. and residents
M Chapel upkeep and schedul monthly Mass with Fr. Roy
M Coordinate high school and college and other volunteers (who come to VH to provide childcare,
move and organize donations, assist with fundraising projects, administrative tasks, etc.)
AN Receive in-kind donations - work with Social Services Mgr. on thank you cards
4xY Assist Executive Director with grant proposals, along with Social Services Mgr.
2xY Along with the Social Services Manager and Executive Director, co-write bi-annual newsletter
Y Assist Executive Director with sales and marketing promotions (annual dinner - fundraisers - card drive
AN Assist with transportation to residents in case of emergency (be present at delivery of baby in hospital)
AN Support former residents who ask for help (e.g., write references)
AN On-call for emergencies outside of work hours, along with Social Services Mgr.
AN Evaluate baby and maternity donations

Odd jobs that can be done by volunteers:
O Attend meetings/luncheons with potential fundraising contacts (optional)
O Babysit occasionally (optional)
O Give ride to residents occasionally (special cases)
O Assist residents with moving occasionally (not required)
O Occasionally deliver and pick up baby bottles (not required)
O Occasionally pick up baby shower items or other donations

Catholic and prolife
Management skills, organizational skills, knowledge of budgeting, sense of timelines and sense of humor
Social work background - problem solver
Knowledge of Worcester area housing and human service resources
Good computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office
Cooking/meal planning/transportation for shopping
Practical/common sense

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