Sep 9, 2010

Primary Election Pro-Life endorsements - Latest email

Sep 11, Day of Prayer and Remembrance, An Abortion Saturday - Prayer Vigil Protest on Pleasant St. Counselors up front, prayers in the back Anytime 7:30-11AM
Sep 11 10AM Meeting of Cathedral of St. Paul's Catachists (CCD teachers)

Sep 14 Tue Massachusetts Primary Election.
Not a lot of true Pro-Life candidates, but some workable choices to help in the fight against the Abortion industry whose interests are being protected and promoted by the likes of Jim McGovern, Martha Coakley and Deval Patrick.

First, Pro-Life candidates for Attorney General Jim McKenna need your write-in votes in the Republican primary this Tuesday. Under the blank Attorney General section, next to the write in box enter:
Guy A. Carbone, Esq., 65 Woodfall Rd., Belmont
James McKenna, 28 Miles St., Millbury

Other Republican write-ins, for Lt. Governor Pro-Life Keith Davis, 9 Pheasant Dr. Holyoke. Social and Fiscal Conservative.
and for Governor, write in Scott Lively 60 Sherman St. Springfield

In the Congressional race against Pro-abortion Jim McGovern there are several Republican candidates in the Primary who would be an improvement on McGovern's push for unlimited access to Government funded abortions include; Robert Delle, Brian Herr, Marty Lamb, Mike Stopa. Whoever wins will need our support in November. MassResistence like Lamb and Delle.

For Sheriff both Bove (D) and Evangelidis (R) are Pro Life
For Auditor both Glodis (D) and Connaughton (R) are pretty good. Suzanne Bump (D) and Mike Lake (D) are both clearly social liberal anti-life types.

For State Rep in Worcester Paul Franco, Benienda, Gettins, Beaton Peterson, Kuros, Ferguson (mostly), Frost, Dinatale and Fresolo are Pro-Life,
O'Day, O'Brien, Knuuttila, Gerry, Barnet, Mahoney, Perotto, Callahan, Fernandes, Alicea, Gobi and Joff Smith are Anti-Life.

For State Senate in Worcester RICHARD Moore, Rush, Dubrule, and Higgins are Pro-Life.
MICHAEL Moore, Chandler, and Flannagan are anti-Life

MCFL Pro-Life Questionnaire to Congressional Representatives

Boston: Madeline McComish, Chairman of the Massachusetts Citizens for Life State Political Action Committee, announces two more endorsements. "The PAC inadvertently neglected to print our endorsement of Eric R Steinhilber (R) for State Senate in the Cape and Islands district. We also are delighted to receive a 100% pro-life questionnaire from Robert Tavares, Jr (D) for State Representative in 9th Bristol.

"Steinhilber and Tavares join other endorsees in the September 14th Primary for State Representative: 18th Essex, James Lyons, Jr (R); 28th Middlesex, John Hanlon, (D); and 10th Suffolk, Robert Joyce, (D) and these Primary endorsements for State Senate: 3rd Middlesex, Sandra Martinez (R) and Suffolk and Norfolk, Michael Rush (D).

"The State PAC has also recommended for State Representative: 2nd Berkshire, Michael Case, (R), 4th Bristol, David Saad, Sr. (R); 7th Bristol, Alan Silvia (D); 9th Essex, Raymond Igou, III (R); 3rd Hampden, Mark DelNegro (D); 1st Middlesex, Sheila Harrington (R); 12th Middlesex, John Botone (D); 22nd Middlesex, Marc Lombardo (R); and 5th Plymouh, Jared Valanzola (R) and th for State Senate: 2nd Essex and Middlesex, Jameson Tomasek (R), Hampden, Robert Macgovern (R); Norfolk, Bristol, Plymouth, Richard Livingston (R); and 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex, William Feegbeh (D)

Sep 22 Wed - Fall 40 Days for Life begins - ends Oct 31 Sunday
Oct 16 Sat Public Rosary across the USA Noon on Pleasant St.

Des Hommes et de Dieux “Of Gods and Men”

2 Million for Marriage – Sign the Petition

Boycott Home Depot

Tolerance and Intolerance

Thanks and God Bless,
Jay G.

Prayer Needs;

Choose Life License Plates


JayG said...

MA Family Institute just published their guide, but it does not include the Worcester 13th yet - but I can vouch for Paul Franco as Pro-Life

JayG said...

MassResistence also has good information of state wide elections.

Louise said...

Republican Marty Lamb running for Congress in the 3rd district is the ONLY pro-life candidate. The others are all pro-abortion. Marty Lamb filled out the questionaire from Mass Citizens for Life.

Go here and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see the chart comparing candidates. Marty Lamb is the ONLY pro-life candidate hands down.

In the 3rd district congressional race.....

Brian Herr has publicly announced he is a pro-choice candidate.

Mike Stopa has publicly announced he supports first trimester abortions.

The Mass Citizens for Life questionaire and comparison is very important and informational. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see the chart. Please take note of candidates in the 3rd district congressional race.

Only one candidate is pro-life and that is Marty Lamb.

JayG said...

Find out where you vote and who's on the ballot tomorrow.