Aug 27, 2010

Aug 29 Pro-Life email - Primary elections

Aug 29 Sun Noon-5PM St. Paul's parish picnic at Nazareth Home in Leicester. Food & swimming. $5/individual - $20/family

Sep 3 Fri 8PM 1st Friday Mass with Fr. Gallagher – followed by all night Eucharistic Adortion in the Chapel at Problem Pregnancy. Scheduled Adorers
8:30 PM – Nina T. 9PM - Chris T. 10PM – Julie S - Paul T
11PM - Eileen D, 12 AM midnight – Shawn S.
1AM – Jim R 2AM – Fran Warner
3AM – Jay Guillette 774-263-6969
4PM – Kyle McD
5AM – Fred M - Bob D
6:00 AM – Mike and Chris
7:00 AM – Kathy L
Sep 4 Sat 8AM Mass with Fr. Roy
No Abortions scheduled (induced Labour Day) - Prayer Vigil Protest on Pleasant St. Counselors up front, prayers in back.

Sep 11, Day of Prayer and Remembrance
Sep 14 Tue Massachusetts Primary Election.
MCFL Pro-Life Questionaire to Congressional Representatives

Solid Pro-Life candidates:
Jim Lyons 18th Essex (Haverill)
Earl Sholley - Running for Congress against Barney Frank.
Bob Joyce, State Rep in West Roxbury.
all endorsed by Operation Rescue

Paul Franco is running for Rep in Worcester, just announced.
TOM WESLEY is a Pro-Life, Conservative, PATRIOT running for US Congress in the 2nd District against Neal.
Gerry Dembrowski - Running for Congress against Ed Markey.
Mike Stopa - Running for Congress against Jim McGovern.
Sandi Martinez - Running for State Senate in 3rd Middlesex District.
Jeff Perry is running for Congress for Delahunt old seat.
Also Kara Fratto is running for State Rep in Reading.
Two Pro-Life, Pro-family candidates are running for State Representative; Kevin Kuros and Kim Ferguson. Kuros is running against turncoat drunk Kujaski in S. Worcester, and Ferguson is running for the open seat that was held by Pro-Life Lew Evangelidis in N.Worcester, Holden, Rutland, Princton

Keith Davis is the Write-In Pro_life Candidate for Lt. Governor in the Nov. Elections -

Sep 17 Fri Doors open at 7AM Breakfast with Dr Alveda King - Anthony's of Malden, 105 Canal St. $20 - Checks payable to Eternal Life Radio, P.O. Box 589, Medford, MA 02155

Sep 22 Wed - Fall 40 Days for Life begins - ends Oct 31 Sunday
Oct 16 Sat Public Rosary across the USA Noon on Pleasant St.

ArchDiocese of Boston Blocks access to Catholic Blog
The ancient Greek poet, Euripides (480 -406 BC) once said, "One can judge a man by the company they keep."  Once you read about the connection between Fr. Bryan Hehir, Jim Wallis (who founded and leads an organization with anti-Catholic views called the Sojourners), George Soros, and the Democratic National Committee, we'll invite you to revisit the Euripides quote and see if it applies.

How “gay rights” is sold to America

President Bush welcomes home the troops

Thanks and God Bless,
Jay G.
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~Dorsey said...

I'm sorry but why is Mike Stopa listed as a prolife candidate?

In his own words:
"I believe that abortion in the first trimester should remain a legal option to be decided by a woman in consultation with her doctor."

His comments can be read here:

JayG said...

Is Herr a better choice? Seems like he just announced. Or Delle
We can't let McGovern continue in office.

JayG said...

Boston: Madeline McComish, Chairman of the Massachusetts Citizens for Life State Political Action Committee, announces two more endorsements. "The PAC inadvertently neglected to print our endorsement of Eric R Steinhilber (R) for State Senate in the Cape and Islands district. We also are delighted to receive a 100% pro-life questionnaire from Robert Tavares, Jr (D) for State Representative in 9th Bristol.

"Steinhilber and Tavares join other endorsees in the September 14th Primary for State Representative: 18th Essex, James Lyons, Jr (R); 28th Middlesex, John Hanlon, (D); and 10th Suffolk, Robert Joyce, (D) and these Primary endorsements for State Senate: 3rd Middlesex, Sandra Martinez (R) and Suffolk and Norfolk, Michael Rush (D).

"The State PAC has also recommended for State Representative: 2nd Berkshire, Michael Case, (R), 4th Bristol, David Saad, Sr. (R); 7th Bristol, Alan Silvia (D); 9th Essex, Raymond Igou, III (R); 3rd Hampden, Mark DelNegro (D); 1st Middlesex, Sheila Harrington (R); 12th Middlesex, John Botone (D); 22nd Middlesex, Marc Lombardo (R); and 5th Plymouh, Jared Valanzola (R) and th for State Senate: 2nd Essex and Middlesex, Jameson Tomasek (R), Hampden, Robert Macgovern (R); Norfolk, Bristol, Plymouth, Richard Livingston (R); and 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex, William Feegbeh (D)