Oct 2, 2007

Planned Parenthood at HC

Sadly, Holy Cross college will host the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy on Wednesday October 24, with presenters from Planned Parenthood and topics such as the latest birth control methods, how to circumvent parental rights with judicial bypass so that a minor can obtain an abortion without their parents knowledge, and understanding sexual urban legends. Nothing on Post Abortion Stress syndrome or monogamy!

Ellen Ryder, Director of Public Affairs at Holy Cross is already defending this decision by Holy Cross, claiming the Cross did not invite the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy and has no control over who they bring in as presenters. However, Ms. Ryder did admit in an email that the college "evaluates all requests by individuals and organizations to the College to rent facilities."

Apparently Holy Cross did not adequately evaluate the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy, because this group is an obviously Pro-Choice organization, is against abstinence-only education based on their web site, is listed under Pro-Choice clinics, groups and organizations on the NARAL Massachusetts web site, signed (with Planned Parenthood and NARAL) a Letter to HHS Secretary Michael O. Leavitt claiming that the HHS web site promoting parent child communication did not address the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and questioning [sic] needs of children and demanded that the term 'unborn child' be replaced with ‘fetus’. The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy consistently works with Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the Abortion Advocacy Project in Boston to promote abortion as an acceptable birth control method.

These are the marks of a radically Pro-Choice, pro-abortion organization. They certainly are not the marks of a Catholic educational institution. These connections between the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy and NARAL and Planned Parenthood cannot simply be smoothed over or covered up. The fact that Planned Parenthood is presenting three workshops underscores the Pro-Choice stance of The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy. By Holy Cross' own standards this group should not have been allowed to rent the Hogan Center. HC did not evaluate this request closely enough!

Now that the truth is out, please contact Holy Cross and ask them to rescind their business deal with this Pro-choice organization. Haven't faithful Catholics in Worcester and Massachusetts had enough Scandal coming from Holy Cross?

MA Provincial Superior V Rev Thomas J. Regan S.J. email: tregan@sjnen.org

Bishop McManus' secretary Fr. Rocco email: frocco@worcesterdiocese.org

Ellen Ryder, director Public Affairs, email: eryder@holycross.edu

Send a Letter to the Editor of Holy Cross Magazine: Jack O'Connell'81,
email: joconnel@holycross.edu


Anonymous said...

When I think of the great Jesuit Saints and Martyrs, I can literally weep at what has happened to Holy Cross in recent years, especially under the disastrous leadership of Rev. McFarland. This conference won't be cancelled because McFarland does not back down. And he does not back down because he supports the fiendish notions of 'academic freedom, tolerance and dialogue' instead of Christ and his Church which he pledged to defend.

JayG said...

The least we can do is make him uncomfortable