Sep 30, 2007


Scandal: According to St. Thomas(II-II, Q. liii, a. 1) scandal is a word or action evil in itself, which occasions another's spiritual ruin. It is a word or action, that is either an external act—for an internal act can have no influence on the conduct of another—or the omission of an external act, because to omit what one should do is equivalent to doing what is forbidden; it must be evil in itself, or in appearance;

Something needs to be done to prevent Holy Cross from hosting speakers from Planned Parenthood on October 24 at the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy. These speakers will address the topics of contraception and abortion as well as how to use judicial bypass to circumvent parental rights and procure abortions for minor daughters behind parents backs.

How much more scandal can the faithful of Worcester be expected to take from the weak willed and wayward shepherds on St. James Hill? I understand that some fraternal correction and discipline needs be done in private, but if this conference is allowed to take place without some consequences, this scandal will drive many faithful to doubt, confusion and despair. If Holy Cross promotes scandal there will be consequences - if not for the college, then for the faithful who cannot be expected to maintain their faith amid such confusion.

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