Aug 16, 2007

What to say to a pregnant 14-year old?

A commentator on Rod Murphy’s Letter to the Editor at the Worcester Telegram about the Attacks on Pro-Life protesters indicates their effectiveness, said:
"What do you say to the 14 year old girl who made a bad choice when she didnt use protection. Now your gonna be a mom. Last I knew a 14 year old cant legally work full time. When will she get an education? People come on."
The link is no longer on the Front Page of the Telegram, but here is my response to the person who wrote this letter:
"I'd offer that 14-year old our help; I tell her to look at the Dr. Janet Daling study on Abortion and Breast cancer, one of 27 out of 35 studies done in the US showing an abortion breast cancer link; and that aborting your 1st pregnancy before she is 18 will increase her chances of getting breast 800%, unless she has a history of breast cancer in her family, in which case the increase risk of breast cancer becomes infinite (this is where all chance is removed, and certainty enters the picture)."
Another Pro-choice commentator had added, "at some point, the real human DOES deserve rights, but as it is not a real person yet, it is okay to abort", indicating that thrid trimester abortions are "irresponsible", to which I would reply:
"But I also think you have confused birth control with abortion. They do abortions up to 18 weeks in Worcester, and that's a pretty big blob of tissue that looks remarkably like a baby. Just how late do you think we should legally allow that 14-year old to wait until she 'birth controls' that blob of tissue who is sucking his thumb while illegally occupying her womb?"


Renee said...

And what if she made the right decision and used contraception, but it failed?

Planned Parenthood only makes money if teens make the choice to have sex, and they make more money when contraception fails.

JayG said...

Everyone should demand why Planned Parenthood is so bad at their claimed mission, and what they spent over $1/4Billion in Federal monies (not even counting State monies) on.