Aug 21, 2007

What price free speech?

In yet another example of the Iron Curtain of Political Correctness coming down and crushing free speech, a Gender Studies psychologist writes a book that suggests some transsexual men are driven by self-erotic images and not that they were born in the wrong gender/body, and starts a conflagrating controversy fueled on lies, misstatements and innuendo intended to ruin careers and lives. Contradicting the Politically Correct Conventional Wisdom even slightly has dire consequences even for those on that side of the culture war.

They eat their own!


Anonymous said...

Women Brainwashed to Seek Power, Not Love

August 24, 2007

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

While in Toronto this week, I saw a beautiful young East Indian woman literally spend eight hours hauling heavy boxes and furniture. She was moving her brother into the university residence where I was staying.

"Doesn't your brother have any male friends who could help him?" I asked her.

"Oh, I'm a great believer in equality," she replied cheerfully as she hoisted a book shelf.

Equality! What a boon for women! Before, men in Canada wouldn't let women do hard physical labour like this.

This is a bright girl in a Pre-Med program yet she is so easily indoctrinated & duped. Just tell her women are "oppressed" and the traditional female role is "old fashioned" and feminism is "cool" and she is ready to repress her natural instincts and stunt her development.

Equal does not mean identical! Men and women have a equal right to dignity and fulfillment but their path is not the same. Men are fulfilled by supporting and leading a family. Women are fulfilled by devotion to husband and family and getting their love in return.

The East Indian girl's beauty would inspire many a man to nest. But with all the study and heavy lifting, her bloom is begining to fade. Add the feminist claptrap cluttering her brain, and she is a challenge. By the time she graduates, she won't be turning heads any longer.


I have been hearing from men who say many women still have feminine instincts but reject them because of societal and family pressure.

Brian, a 29-year old Californian wrote: "Ya can't... understand the damned frustration I feel about the degradation of the natural roles of man and woman today. Some days i'm made to feel like a caveman that refuses to evolve.

"I've never had a problem getting attention from the opposite sex. I however have never found a real woman who would be one. My last was a 26-year-old Accounting Major. 2 years we were together. I knew she was feminist, but who the hell isn't out here. It wasn't, however, until I met her parents that I saw what I believed to be the root of it all. It was obvious who ran the house in her family, her mother. Her father was just a goofy big kid. In her home she was encouraged to go to school and be independent if verbally then by example. I could tell that there was no way in hell she could ever be appreciated [by her parents, friends] as just a mere homemaker to her family.

"She however inside was a real woman. I treated her like a man should. I was in control. As I must be in any of my relationships. She loved me for it. I saw how she looked into my eyes, and when she was with me she knew who she wanted to be. I think it was finally pressure from her family and friends that led to the end of the relationship. ...I suppose what I'm saying is most of the women I meet do want what I'm trying to give them. They just don't know how to accept it either in themself or in front of the world."


Other women are so sexually confused, you wonder whether they can be called "women" any longer. They are mutants. They don't know how to love.

I sat down with Greg, a handsome, fit, smart, successful 6 ft. 2" Toronto contractor and custom builder. He is 40 and a dream catch for the "oops I forgot to have children" set.

He just ended a three-year relationship with a career woman in her late 30's due to issues of power and control." She wanted to wear the pants and treat me like a servant," he said. "She was always calculating who did what for whom, and what was 'fair and equitable.'"

Now you'd think a woman nearing the end of her sexual appeal would snap up a man like Greg who wants to put down roots and have a family. You'd think she'd know how to make him happy. But this woman didn't. For example, she demanded he nurse her when she was sick but said he was "on his own" when he had the flu.

"As I was more successful, she actually felt threatened," Greg said. "She felt she was losing control."

"She talked about wanting to get married and have children but her actions belied her words. Instead of reading about child rearing, she brought home books about getting the corner office."

Now she and her unmarried friends sit around bashing men and complaining about the lack of good men.

"Half the people in my age group are single," Greg says. "It's really scary."

Men like Greg have been feminized. He should not have engaged in a power struggle. He should have said at the outset, you can have power or you can have love. You cannot have both. You can be my right arm or you can leave. A woman who loves a man will accept. This is how marriage takes place. Of course, he will consult her. He wants to make her happy. We love the people who love us.


As I have said, men and women are victims of a cruel hoax perpetrated by the central banking cartel to destabilize society by underming heterosexuality and the family unit. Like all aggression, this psychological assault on heterosexuals is masked as "defense" of women's and homosexual rights. The goal is institute a totalitarian "New World Order" under the guise of fighting terror. Your "money" is really their "credit." They want to protect this valuable but fraudulent monopoly.

Women believe the media hype and think they are Goddesses, beautiful yet sexless and unapproachable. They are being duped to seek power instead of love so that they will not marry and have children. This is the elite depopulation/destabilization agenda.

Power equals penis. Women have been taught to emasculate men. What they really want is male power expressed as male love. Women will only have male love when they are prepared to surrender male power.

Heterosexual marriage is based on courtship and fidelity. The male wins a woman's trust (i.e. love.) In return she gives him the power to love her. This exchange of power for love is the psychological key for both men and women.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

In his powerful novel 1984, which could very easily be seen as describing our own time, Eric Blair describes the philosophy of The Party:

"Not merely the validity of experience but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense."

Marie Tremblay said...

Jay is being portrayed as a "liar" and as a "Catholic crackpot" here:


What do all of you think? I think this blog post is most unfortunate and unfair to Jay.

Renee said...

It's John H., that wrote that entry on Blue Mass Group. John H. and Jay have conversed and will do again. I don't why John H. wants to promote Jay?

Renee said...

That's an old post from John H. (from mid-March). Intersting he is saying he wants to bring peace between Catholics and the gay community. What he wants us is to accept something from a biological non-religious level as marriage, when such a behavior is not.

Marriage is an obligation, to acknowledge and to responsible intergrate the two sex nature of humanity when it comes to opening oneself to procreative behavior, not a right. It is rooted more in biology, then religion. Religion does acknowledge marriage, but it is something more more instictual in a person, to nest and mate.

As for wanting peace between the gay community and Catholics, I think he want peace between himself and God, but the struggles of expereince same-sex attraction and the ease of settle down into the gay lifestyle rather then living chaste with authentic freindships is something we need to help him with, when he is ready.

An article from the Knights of Columbus.

"The Church does not condemn homosexuals or homosexuality. Every person, created in the image and likeness of God, possesses a dignity and worth that demands respect and compassion from one’s brothers and sisters in the human family. While the origins of same-sex attraction are not yet scientifically clear, most of those who are so oriented do not choose this sexual attraction. A man or woman cannot be blamed or condemned merely because he or she experiences such an attraction."

Most important was this paragraph.

“Same-sex attraction is a source of great suffering for many men and women who call themselves ‘gay.’ Often misunderstood and rejected by their families and friends, they fear they will not be able to live normal, productive lives. As they retreat into enclaves of like-minded persons, the homosexual subculture provides an apparent safe haven, but it does not really solve the problem.”

I have a whole label at my blog regarding the teachings of the Church and same-sex attraction.

Anonymous said...

But did Jay ever testify in court under oath in this case?

Marie Tremblay said...

Thank you Renee. I hadn't realized that article was from March. I remember John Hosty disrupting this blog by accusing Catholics who were posting comments of being hateful and argumentative. And yet, I found most (although not all) of his posts to be just that. The article he wrote on Jay is, in my opinion, both unfair and possibly slanderous.

And that is a shame.