Apr 28, 2007

ACLU silences Free Speech

Larry Cirignano's appearance at Worcester Court on charges of misdemeanor assault and violation of Civil Rights is this Tuesday, May 1 at 9AM.
The layout of the Let the People Vote Rally was a small, tight, semi-circle of people around the podium, as can be seen in the 5th photograph in this Indy Media Article from Dec. 17th.

There is a seam in the tight crowd of people, visible in this picture from Bay Windows, whichs runs at about 10 O'Clock from Kris Mineau at the Podium. This is the path Sarah Loy took into the crowd, the path she had to take as the crowd was thick at 12 O'Clock from Kris at the Podium.

Larry has admitted to putting his hand on ACLU board member Sarah Loy's back, which under Common Law is misdemeanor assault, and as Det. Sullivan of the WPD told me, usually punishable by a $25 fine. But the Worcester ACLU has pushed for Civil Rights violations, so there is an element of political retribution and motivation by the same sex marriage lobby in pushing for these added charges against Mr. Cirignano.

As I have stated previously,
I saw Larry escort Sarah Loy into the crowd, then drop away, then I saw Sarah go down when she was out of Larry's reach.
Pictorial evidence at left from photographer Marilyn Humphries, published in Bay Windows 12/21/06 shows that Sarah fell or dove to her right.


JayG said...

Continued until June 8th.

Jerry said...

I know this forum is mostly concerned with the homosexual agenda in MA. But, as you know, there is much at stake worldwide.

I receive C-Fam's friday fax and other notices on a regular basis. (Go to www.c-fam.org for more info.)

Anyway, Poland has been the center of much recent news, resisting the U.N.'s abortion mentality, hosting the upcoming World Congress of Families, and, most recently, for refusing to bow to radical homosexual demands for gay parades and school indoctrination.

Here's a chance to sign an on-line petition to show support for Poland, and tell the U.N. bureaucrats to stop threatening and bullying Poland.

Go here to view and sign the petition.

Apparently, the EU is to Poland what the ACLU is to us.

JayG said...

Thanks Jerry. It only takes a minute to sign the petition, well worth it.

Sadly, the ACLU, and now the EU, only want to protect speech they agree with, and will label as hate anything they disagree with. I don't think people realize what an important role Poland has played in protecting and defending the idea of Western Civilization as Civilization, as the civilizing force for good that it has been despite the revisionists agenda and denials.

Jerry said...

Thanks. The petition has been delivered; over 8800 signers. If you want, you can read more at my blog post here

Jerry said...

That link to my blog should have been this. Sorry about the typo above.

JayG said...

My case has been postponed until June 21. Thanks for all of your prayers and support.

Larry Cirignano

God loves you as you are, but too much to let you stay that way.