Apr 24, 2006

Same-Sex Marriage - no exceptions

February 25, 2004
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Another problem with homosexual marriage is the impossibility of exemption for Churches whose Religious beliefs are against these marriages. The SJC has declared that homosexual marriage is a civil right, if this logic prevails, then refusing to keep a married homosexual in your employ for Religious reasons would be the same as refusing to keep an African-American in your employ.

The SJC ruling means that a Church cannot fire an openly, married, homosexual who works in their school or hospital, even though this person publicly contradicts Church teaching. Either the Church will forfeit its right to Religious freedom by being quiet, or the Church will exercise its right not to employ a person who contradicts it's Religious faith, and that person will sue. It’s inevitable, and only a matter of time before the Church is stripped of its tax-exempt status, and more.

This chilling scenario is further disturbing in light of the false claims that homosexuality is genetic, which is not supported by any scientific studies. Identical twin studies show that only 38% of identical twin males are both homosexual, less for women, not the 99-100% correlation that would show a genetic link or ‘homosexual gene’ as portrayed in the media. Do a Google Internet search for keywords; twin, studies, gay and NARTH, you’ll see.

Jay G

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