Jul 22, 2017

Russian hack versus Washington hacks

The Russian Lawyer currently at the center to the latest accusations against President Trump, Natalia Veselnitskaya, was allowed to enter the United States in 2015 without a Visa by the DOJ and Obama Attorney General Lorretta Lynch under a special immigration parole for “extraordinary circumstances" in order to defend her Russian Client in a Federal Court property forfeiture case. AG Lynch extended this special parole to January 2016, but the DOJ has not answered why Veselnitskaya was still allowed to travel freely in the US, while she lobbied Congress on behalf of the Russian Government to repeal the Magnitsky Act, (where she was supported by former Rep. Ronald Dellums (D-CA). She even attended a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, sitting right behind a former U.S. ambassador who testified.
This was after her June 8, 2016 meeting with Donald Trump Jr. in Trump Tower.

July 22 Sat No Mass but still have 9am sidewalk prayer vigil

The Brazilian Catholic Community of Worcester is holding second annual EAC conference – Encontro de Adolescentes com Christo (Encounter of Adolescents/Teens with Christ) at St. Peter Marian High School, 781 Grove St. in Worcester on Friday, Saturday & Sunday August 4-6. Please call Sandra 774-242-7300 or Rafael 857-249-3036 for details. Jesus can rewrite your story!
Aug 4 Fri 8pm First Friday Mass celebrated in the Latin rite by Fr. Dan Becker from St. Paul’s in Warren, followed by all night Eucharistic Adoration in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc until 8am 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Michael Roy. Everyone is welcomed. All Adoration hours could use backup. Scheduled Adorers 9PM –open 10PM – Paul, Julie 11PM –Cindy 12 AM midnight – Fran W, 1AM – Possibly open/Diane 2AM open 3AM – Jay G 5AM – Fred M - Bob D 6:00 – Adrian 7AM – Kathy L. All hours could use a backup, including at 6AM.
Aug 5 Sat 8am 1st Saturday Mass celebrated by Fr. Michael Roy

Aug 12 Sat No Mass but Prayer Vigil protest on the sidewalk

Sep 9-10 EWTN Family event in Worcester, MA

Oct 20 Fri 7pm MFI's 26th Annual Fundraising Banquet with Hugh Hewitt at the Newton Marriott

Nov 10-11 Mercy and Mary Retreat with Fr. Michael Gateley, MIC at St. Joe’s in Charlton, $49.95, Info 413-944-8500 Ext.10

The Best explanation for any Russian hacking or buying of DNC/Podesta emails, the one that makes the most sense, came at the end of an American Jewish Committee hosted debate on whether President Trump's America 1st Policy was good for America and/or the world. It was given by Michael S. Doran former Deputy Assistant Secretary to the Department of Defense->Support to Public Diplomacy, and current Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute.
In summary: The Russians thought what every political expert and commentator in America thought up until 11pm election night, that it was inevitable that Clinton should win, therefore the Russians sought any information that they could use to delegitimize a Clinton presidency, specifically the DNC collusion with Clinton to steal the Democratic primary from Bernie Sanders that was clearly documented in the emails.

Note: St. George Eucharist Adoration Chapel on Brattle St. Worcester is no longer 7x24, it now closes at 9pm and opens at 4am.

God Bless America

Jay G.

Prayer List:;
Francis White RIP, murdered Afghan security guard and German woman who worked for Operation Mercy relief organization in Kabul and the kidnaped German worker who was missing after this Taliban attack, Emilia 93 years old with health problems, Molly’s 4-year old niece will undergo IV immune-globulin therapy 5/23-24 for serious auto-immune condition, Amanda & Joe and family, A faithful young 'family' in crisis...With abandonment, rejection, and mental illness - Please pray for resolution...and God's. Grace, Molly's sister Karen 3rd fall after diagnosis stage 4 breast cancer, Joan O'Brien recovering from painful knee surgery, young woman dealing w unfair eviction and health issues,Maddy Dudley RIP, Garrett Burgess is the 17th person with this disease and the only one to have lived this long, Philip Hatch with pancreatic cancer, Gregg with non-Hodgkins type lymphoma and his wife Theresa, Karen suffering from terrible depression and her husband Mike, Bette with bladder tumor, Ann total knee replacement, Baby Dunn with Turners Syndrome, Jason with Parkinson-like symptoms, Eleni whose mom passed away, Stef for healing of her miscarriage, Shawn Paul who is recovering from liver transplant surgery, William Peter Blatty, Baby Joy (19 months) nearly drown in pool, Jim who just passed away, Dave RIP 3/11 and his family, Lisa at Visitation House, Angie and her family (Martin in prison, her daughters, grandkids and Mosie her granddaughter), Michele M with MS, Bill and Karen’s granddaughter Gabriella, Baton Rouge LA & Dallas TX Police officers and their families, Philando Castile…
RIP; Tommy Shortsleeves, Phil Badgo, Rhia Pearson, Yolanda's Mother, Bob Harris, Jack my roommate at UNH, Kathleen Harrity, Jonathan Ard, Dave Doyle, Ruth Shea age 97, Norma Macorvey, Eleni's mom back in Brazil, my aunt Muriel

Please continue to Pray the Lorica [breastplate] of St. Patrick, to protect President Trump, because Witches, and those who practice ‘the craft’ have been asked to perform a monthly binding ritual until the president is removed from office. They plan to perform their dark tasks at midnight EST on every waning crescent moon, starting Feb. 24th. Defeat evil with good, pray for the protection of President Trump

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