Jul 27, 2017

Leftists Disrupt Press Conference

Yesterday a small group of leftist protesters tried to shout down Reps. Lyons, Lombardo, Diehl, McKenna, and O'Connell as they held a press conference with Sherriff Tom Hodgson in support of their legislation to restore immigration law.
As reported by the MassLive newspaper:

Lyons noted that Democratic legislative leaders rushed earlier this year to hand themselves a 55 percent increase in pay.

"Every day that they refuse to address the underlying safety of our communities, they are putting our citizens at risk," Lyons said.

As he took the podium, Hodgson got into a verbal scuffle with Montes, telling her he had a constitutional right to speak.

"You're criminalizing the immigrant community," Montes said.

"M'am, step back please," Hodgson told her at another point during the press conference as she stood in front of one of the television cameras.

A court officer, who works for the Massachusetts House and arrived with two others to monitor the back-and-forth, tried to get her to move and asked, "Why are you interrupting him?"

"Don't yell at me," she responded.

"I think you're yelling at us," said Lyons, standing a few feet away by the podium.

Conservatives don't crash press conferences and shout down the liberals, even when liberals are advocating for horrible things like abortion on demand or graphic sex-ed for 12 year olds. We respect differences of opinion, and argue our points calmly, rather than engaging in thuggery, as Centro Presente's staff did yesterday.

As we’ve said before, July and August are the toughest months of the year for grassroots advocacy. People go on vacation, they take time off, they’re not focused on campaigns or what their elected officials are doing. The left certainly got everyone's attention yesterday.

As you can see by the actions of the leftists, we need to be more vigilant, not less, but that’s very tough to do.

New Ads, End of July – Can You Help?
Today we’re launching two additional Facebook ad campaigns to get voters’ attention to engage their legislators about the Counseling ban, and the SJC decision yesterday gutting our immigration laws.

The ban needs to be stopped, and the ability of our law enforcement agencies to cooperate must be restored. The safety of our families and children, and the future of our state, are tied to these two policy decisions before our elected officials.

We need to fight back against the left, and make our voices heard. We’ve seen it before: legislators fear informed, organized constituents. But we’re starting these campaigns with trepidation. Because the summer is tough, and we’re $2,295 short of our goal for July with just four days left.
Can you contribute $40, $50, or $75 to close the gap, help fund our ads, and activate more citizens to call and email their legislators? Because we know summer is tough, we planned ahead. Every contribution of $40 or more will receive a “Proud Constitutional Conservative” bumpersticker we had printed to help us keep going strong for July and August. As Constitutional Conservatives, we believe in the free exchange of ideas and adherence to the rule of law--unlike the people crashing the press conference. Given the path the leftists are headed down, it's perhaps even more important we stand for these ideals today than it was at our nations founding.

So please, if take a minute to donate securely online today, or mail a check to us at 400 Trade Center, Suite 1950, Woburn, MA 01801. The leftists trying to destroy our way of life certainly aren’t taking the summer off, and we need to keep pushing back.
Thank you,

PS: Our ads start today! As we enter the summer slump, for your gift of $40 or more we’ll send you a Proud Constitutional Conservative bumpersticker. Help us close our July gap in the next few days by donating today. Thank you!

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