Jan 26, 2017

Fr. Malachi Martin, no longer SJ

Fr. Malachi Martin. There may not be a priest surrounded by more controversy that Fr. Malachi. I do not say he was a controversial priest, I say he was surrounded by controversy, and I address him as Father because one of the controversies concerned if he was laicized by the Catholic Church when he was released from the Jesuits in 1964.

Some of the controversy is sordid; did Fr. Martin have an adulterous affair with the wife of Time Magazine News stringer, author and former Jesuit Robert Kaiser? Maybe, maybe not.

Did Fr. Martin have conversations with the American Jewish Committee during the Vatican Council II? It appears that he did. Was Fr. Martin a Jewish or Israeli spy? Seems a stretch.

Because Malachi Martin was disillusioned by the apparent reforms of Vatican II, the Sedevacantists claim him as one of their own. What is funny, to me anyway, was one of their YouTube Videos, where they played an audio interview with Fr. Martin over a montage or meme of pictures. At one point the picture portrayed Saint pope Jophn Paul II as an apostate, at precisely the same time that Fr. Martin was explaining some of the flaws with the pontificate. Then Fr. Malachi stated that the Church has never elected an Apostate Pope.

What is clear is that Fr. Malachi Martin was an effective Exorcist up until his death in 1999, who through numerous books, articles and interviews educated a numb public to the dangers of the occult. I think this is the main reason there was and is still so much controvery surrounding Fr. Martin, and is why I recommend the new NetFlix documentary on Fr. Malachi, titled after one of his Books, Hostage to the Devil.

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