Jul 11, 2016

Pray for America

"In the End, My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph"
Join or start a Prayer cell for Our Lady of Fatima, especially on these 99th anniversary days of the Fatima miracles, the 13th or July, Sept and Oct miracle of the sun, in August they were in jail...

Jul 16 Sat 10AM Mass but with Fr. Cardinale instead of Fr. Reid at Problem Pregnancy with Prayer protest on sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood beforehand

Donald Trump has not only released a list of Pro-Life Judges that he would appoint to the Supreme Court if elected, he has promised to repeal The Johnson Amendment to the U.S. tax code, which was passed in 1954 and prohibits tax-exempt organizations like churches and nonprofits from endorsing or opposing political candidates or specific legislation. It effectively has become a “gag order” to silence Christian leaders for fear of losing their tax-exempt status, and has been used by the likes of IRS employee Lois Lerner to silence conservative and Christian groups she opposes.

Jul 23 Sat 10am Mass, Fr. Reid, 9am Sidewalk peaceful prayer vigil
Jul 23 Sat 9am-4pm VOICE OF THE MARTYRS CONFERENCE, Westfield Evangelical Free Church, 568 Southwick Rd. Westfield, MA 01085, 800-747-0085 speakers: Gracia Burnham - Phillipines, Benny Matthews - India, Sarah Liu - China, Dr. Mike Ansari - Iran. Amy Shreve Music & Worship
Christians around the world are truly suffering for Jesus if not giving their lives. VOM offers an opportunity to hear personal experiences of the price paid for not denying Jesus and what can be done to help others who want to share Jesus. Please forward to those who might want to be updated on the persecution of Christians.

Jul 30 Sat 10am-3pm “Day on the Hill” Great Hall State House Boston, MA, meet/hear from conservative legislators, learn key conservative issues in MA, RSVP Robert@RenewMACoalition.org

Great News: New Mexico Supreme Court unanimously upheld New Mexico assisted suicide law.
Alex Schadenberg, International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
New Mexico Supreme Court
The New Mexico Supreme Court decided in a 5 - 0 decision upheld the New Mexico Court of Appeal decision that assisting a suicide is a crime in New Mexico in Morris v Brandenburg. The Court of Appeal had overturned an activist lower court decision that found a right to assisted suicide in New Mexico.

Aug 5 Fri 8:00pm 1st Friday Mass followed by adoration until 8am 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Michael Roy of St. Roch’s. Everyone is welcomed. All Adoration hours could use backup. Scheduled Adorers 9PM – Chris T. 10PM - Julie S - Paul T. 11PM – Julie S, 12 AM midnight – Fran., 1AM –Carol 2AM on – Jay G 5AM – Fred M - Bob D 6:00 – Adrian 7AM – Kathy L., Marcia G. Could really use some help in the middle of the night.
Aug 6 Sat 8am 1st Saturday Mass and devotion Problem Pregnancy Chapel, Fr. Michael Roy
This summer I will start leading Fr. Pagan’s prayer group to pray for our Country and the up-coming election, as part of the 1st Saturday devotion, after the 8am Mass.

‘Gay Pride Week’ in Boston – what the media didn’t report
Public assault on society, Christianity, public health, traditional norms. It’s time for us to be honest.

Aug 13 Sat Prayer protest on sidewalk but no Mass at Problem Pregnancy Chapel, Pray for America in front of the Temple of the Secular Religion, Planned Parenthood

Sep 5-9 WQPH Radio sponsoring a pilgrimage to EWTN in Alabama. Details Mary Ann Harold

Oct 14 Fri 7pm MFI's 25th Annual Fundraising Banquet, featuring world-renowned faith leader Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Boston/Newton Marriot 2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02466

RETURN OF THE HONEST MEN (#37): Ralph Stanley's race is run - Hat Tip Br. Paul
The Stanley Brothers : Angel Band, from the Classic Mercury Recordings
My latest sun is sinking fast
My race is nearly run
My strongest trials now are past
My triumph has begun
Oh come angel band
Come and around me stand
Oh bear me away on your snow white wings
To my immortal home
Oh bear me away on your snow white wings
To my immortal home

2017 Apr 1 Sat - 17th Annual Worcester Diocesan Catholic Men's Conference. NEW LOCATION! ASSUMPTION COLLEGE 500 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA

God Bless America

Jay G.
Prayer Needs; Dallas Police officers and their families, Fr David Mullins recovery from triple bypass surgery, Richard Yosca RIP, Jean Murphy incurable blood cancer, Fred needs polyp removed, Michelle Kenny double Mastectomy, Chris Hanley who has synovial sarcoma metastasized to her lungs, Marikler with liver adenoma & her husband Eric with Crohn’s, Sara Ross, Antonin Scalia RIP, Jim Tisdell, Doan family, Rebecca with breast cancer, Mary Agnes thyroid, Camille cancer, Pricilla infection, Michelle Kenny 37 stage 4 cancers, Aline, a Congolese mom of a 2-year-old and a 36-week preemie is in bed with a corset, she had surgery at Memorial for her spine TB, which went well and is still on a heavy regimen of anti TB drugs by mouth. She walks now and lives at home and is able to take care of her children. Claude was able to get back to work. The baptism of their little boy was 3 weeks ago (mid Feb.2016) at St Andrews African community. Peg O’Shea RIP, 5 year old Andrew...brain tumor, Johanna Freeman pneumonia, Alec Michael testicular cancer, Fr. Rocco Piccolomini & Monsignor Tinsley RIP, Cheryl for full recovery after successful brain surgery, Brian for moral support, Refugees Martin Djaibe & Alice Kotambai, Ryan for spiritual protection, 8-year-old Isabel recovering from surgery for a Cesotomy, Abby suicidal, Danielle & her baby Anthony, Jodie, Emily's return home and the Lord's help

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