Aug 19, 2015

Update - Mass time & location changed Sat. Aug 22 ProtestPP

Aug 21 Fri 7pm Rosary at my house…for our kids, for the unborn, for the country.

Update - Mass time & location changed
Aug 22 Sat 9am-11am, join ProtestPP, a coalition of pro-life groups calling for a National Day of Protest of Planned Parenthood facilities across America. We’ll be on the sidewalk, raising awareness of the heartless and illegal activities of Planned Parenthood where the killing and harvesting of body parts from aborted children takes place. Speakers include: Lee Crowley, Vigil Coordinator 40 Days for Life Worcester; Rod Murphy, Director of Problem Pregnancy, Anne Fox, President of MCfL; and Catherine Anthony Adair, former Planned Parenthood clinic worked. Most Rev. Bishop Robert J. McManus.
Park on Hudson St. or at Blessed Sacrament Church. Check Street signs. Do not park in the lot of the medical building at 475 Pleasant St. as your car could be towed. There are some 40 Days for Life Signs at Problem Pregnancy but you may want to make some custom signs, calling out the Sale of fetal tissue.

Followed by 11:30 am Mass with Fr. Ken Cardinale, at Blessed Sacrament 551 Pleasant St.

PP sells fetal baby parts
UMass Med buys fetal livers from supplier who worked with PP According to Steve Ertelt at LifeNews, Planned Parenthood may be keeping some babies alive after the abortion procedure in order to better collect their organs for harvesting — such as their hearts.

Aug 22 9am Bus from St. Patrick's Parish, 118 South Broadway Lawrence to Boston PP Protest. Please contact Gus Mendieta at 978-973-6415. Boston, 10am - noon at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue
Speakers: Representative Jim Lyons and his wife, Bernadette, Reverend Michael McNamara, C. J. Doyle of Catholic Action League, Bill Cotter and Operation Rescue, Rita Russo and 40 Days for Life/Boston

Aug 22 9am-noon at 3550 Main Street, Springfield

Aug 22 Noon-2pm PP Prayerful Protest 391 Main Street Fitchburg

Aug 29 Sat no Mass at Problem Pregnancy Chapel, but sidewalk prayer vigil always on

Sep 4 Fri 8pm 1st Friday Mass Tridentine celebrated in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel
Sep 5 Sat 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Roy from St. Roch’s in Oxford.

Sep 12 Sat. 10am Mass Problem Pregnancy Chapel, Fr. Gratoratti or Fr. Salvinskas from St. Joe’s Charlton

Sep 19 Sat. 10am Mass Problem Pregnancy Chapel, Fr. Adam Reid, 9am peaceful prayer vigil on sidewalk across from Planned Parenthood

Sep 26 Sat 10am Mass with Fr. Ken Cardinale, in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel 495 Pleasant St. preceded by Sidewalk prayer vigil starting at 9am, across the street from Planned Parenthood

God Bless America

Jay G.
Prayer Needs; Ryan for spiritual protection, 8-year-old Isabel recovering from surgery for a Cesotomy, Abby suicidal, Danielle & her baby Anthony, Jodie, Emily's return home and the Lord's help
Prayer Needs

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