Mar 15, 2015

Thanks Knights

A triumph of resolute religious believers over the homosexual lobby

Statement of the Massachusetts State Council of the Knights of Columbus
The Massachusetts State Council of the Knights of Columbus had planned to march in the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade as a Catholic witness, to honor this great Catholic saint and in gratitude for the contributions of Irish Americans to the history of our country. We did so in the belief that the St. Patrick’s Day Parade would be an occasion for unity and celebration in the city of Boston. We deeply regret that some have decided to use this occasion to further the narrow objectives of certain special interests, which has subjected this occasion to undeserved division and controversy. In addition, certain groups have chosen to misrepresent our reason for marching, insisting that we were participating in the parade to support another group or for political reasons. Such allegations are complete fabrications and have no basis in reality whatsoever. Because the parade has become politicized and divisive, and because of the misrepresentation of our motive for participating, we will not be marching in this year’s parade. Instead we invite Catholics to join us in prayer to celebrate St. Patrick during the hours of the parade.
Russell Steinbach
State Deputy
Mass State Council Knights of Columbus
470 Washington Street Suite #6
Norwood MA 02062

Last December, in a shocking defeat for Catholic religious freedom rights, a minority on the board of the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council---the organizers of Boston's Saint Patrick's Day Parade---dispossessed the majority, surrendered to political pressure orchestrated by Mayor Martin Walsh, and agreed to permit a homosexual group to march in the 2015 parade. Many Catholic groups, including Immaculate Heart of Mary School, have publicly withdrawn from the parade, But the Massachusetts State Council of the Knights of Columbus had announced that they would march.
The Knights phone rang off the hook, and their web site became slow as Catholics expressed their dissatisfaction at this decision. My last email questioned the motives of Russ and the MA knights, in this email I will commend his decision and add that Russ had put out an e-mail to the Knights stating that years ago the Knights of Columbus marched in this parade, and this year he as State Deputy originally wanted to fulfill his long held desire to march again as Knights, to be a presence in the Diocese of Boston. "We have a truck displaying our prolife banners, wreaths across America program, and coats for kids, and have members with our yellow aprons pass out Tootsie Rolls along the route with the message in support of God’s special children." It not easy being Catholic in the US today, we all feel pressure to compromise, and sometimes are unsure where the line is between compromise and engagement. I regret questioning Russ’ motives, and am glad we are all in agreement on this case.

Mar 14 Sat 10am Mass in Problem Pregnancy Chapel
Mar 14 Sat, 7am – afternoon St. Bernadette’s, 1-7pm St. Anne/St. Patrick covering 40 Days for Life

Mar 19 Thu, 9-12 – St. Stephen’s covering 40 Days for Life
Mar 20 Fri 11am - Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet with Bishop McManus. 495 Pleasant St., Worcester
Mar 21 Sat 9am Rosary with prayerful sidewalk protest, Pleasant St. followed by 10am Mass celebrated by Fr. Adam Reid in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel
Mar 21, Sat, 7-10am – Sacred Heart in Webster, 8am-4pm Our Lady of Czestochowa covering 40 Days for Life
Mar 21 Sat Worcester Diocese Men’s Conference DCU Convention Center

Mar 24 Tues, 2-3pm – St. Columba covering 40 Days for Life
Mar 25 Wed 10am Mass for Life on the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, Bishop McManus celebrates, St. Paul's Cathedral, Worcester, with students from our Catholic Schools. The annual diocesan pro-life awards, honoring individuals who have shown outstanding dedication to the pro-life cause, will be presented at this Mass. All are welcome!
Nominate Pro-Life Award recipients

Mar 26 Thu 7pm James J. O’Connell Georgetown U. “St. Augustine the Pagan” Maison FranÒ«ais Assumption College
Mar 26 Thu, 9am-noon – Sacred Heart/St. Catherine covering 40 Days for Life
Mar 27 Fri, 7am-7pm – Christ the King covering 40 Days for Life

Mar 28 Sat 7am-1pm – 40 Days Grafton Parishes, 9am Prayer vigil on the sidewalk across from Planned Parenthood, 472 Pleasant St., Worcester followed by 10am Mass in Problem Pregnancy Chapel. Fr. Ken Cardinale Mar 29 Palm Sun 3-5:15PM Closing 40 Days will begin with an hour of prayer across the street from Planned Parenthood. Immediately following, there will be adoration and benediction in the Problem Pregnancy chapel.

Apr 3 Good Friday – No 1st Friday Mass. Stations of the Cross noon, from St. John’s to St. Paul’s Cathedral through downtown Worcester. We could use Adoration coverage next 1st Friday in May at 9pm, 1am and 4am

Apr 13 Mon 7pm Fr. Nicholas DiMarzio Bishop of Brooklyn “The Church and Immigration Reform” Hagan Ctr Assumption College

Apr 25 March for Marriage Washington DC. our last, best hope to show the justices of the US Supreme Court that the American people demand that their views, values and votes be respected and that marriage be preserved!

God Bless America,
Jay G.
Prayer Needs

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