Jun 29, 2014

1st Friday July 4th

Jul 4 Fri 8pm – 1st Friday Mass Problem Pregnancy Chapel celebrated by Father Thomas Egan, Retired, followed by all-night Eucharistic Adoration in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel 495 Pleasant St. and concluding at 8am with 1st Saturday Mass celebrated by Father Michael J. Roy of St. Roch Parish, Oxford. Everyone is welcomed. Scheduled Adorers 9PM – Chris T. 10PM - Julie S - Paul T. 11PM - Eileen D, 12 AM midnight – Shawn S, 1AM – Jim R. 2AM – Fran W 3AM – Jay G 4AM – Jay G. 5AM – Fred M - Bob D 6:00 – Mike&Chris, Adrian 7AM – Kathy Let me know if you cannot cover your hour. Jul 5 Sat 8am 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Roy in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel
Jul 5th 1st Saturday canceled

Dale O’Leary, author of “One Man, One Woman, A Catholic’s Guide to Defending Marriage”, (available at Shower of Roses in W.Boylston), has written a well-researched, thorough and compassionate defense of our Church’s teaching that marriage is a life-long union between one man and one woman. I continue quoting from this work to assist our outreach to our brothers and sisters who have Same-Sex Attraction, SSA. “Joseph Nicolosi, who has spent years working with men with SSA, is convinced that this healthy development of masculine identification depends on ‘shared delight’ – those moments during which father and son experience mutual enjoyment in the boy’s success.”
Joseph Nicolosi ‘A Shared Delight: What Is It That My Clients Missed in Their Memories of Their Fathers,” NARTH Bulletin (April 2004):29

Jul 12 Sat Mass celebrated Fr. Mark Rainville, in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc, followed by Sidewalk prayerful protest in front of Planned Parenthood, 470 Pleasant St. Worc

Jun19 Sat 10am Mass to save babies with Fr. Adam Reid in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc, followed by Sidewalk prayerful protest in front of Planned Parenthood.
Jul 19 Sat 8am Mass and Rosary to end abortion at Framingham Union Hospital, St. Stephen's Church.
Jul 20 Sun – Dr. Gloria Polo tells her stoy; after being struck by lightning her soul left her body and she went to the precipice of Hell. Two talks in Spanish with English Translation at Pope St. John Paul II Church, 279 Hamilton St. Southbridge, MA. Info: Yves & Anne Marie Jacques 413-665-5052

Jul 26 Sat 10am Mass Problem Pregnancy. Fr. Ken Cardinale

Mark Fisher, Pro-Life Candidate for Republican Nomination for Governor of Massachusetts

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