May 18, 2014

Fisher of Life

Mark Fisher, Candidate for Republican Nomination for Governor of Massachusetts, will be on the Primary Ballot this September 9th. The MA Republican Party platform reads that they believe every abortion is a tragedy, while the Devalue Democrats want our taxes to pay for abortion. The clear Pro-Life vote is Mark Fisher in the Republican Primary Sept. 9.

May 24 Sat 10am Mass Problem Pregnancy. Fr. Ken Cardinale

Jun 6 Fri 8pm Mass to “save babies through prayer” celebrated by Father Richard A. Fortin, Retired, (offered for the soul of Fr. William Gallagher), followed by all-night Eucharistic Adoration in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel 495 Pleasant St. and concluding at 8am with 1st Saturday Mass celebrated by Father Michael J. Roy of St. Roch Parish, Oxford. Everyone is welcomed. Scheduled Adorers 9PM – Chris T. 10PM - Julie S - Paul T. 11PM - Eileen D, 12 AM midnight – Shawn S, 1AM – Jim R. 2AM – Fran W 3AM – Jay G 4AM – Jay G. 5AM – Fred M - Bob D 6:00 – Mike&Chris, Adrian 7AM – No coverage, Let me know if you cannot cover your hour.
Jun 7 Sat 8am 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Roy in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel
Jun 7 Sat noon 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Gaby Hoyak at Our Lady of Mercy Maronite Church, June St. Worc, 11am confession and Rosary, 1st Sat. meditation and Divine Mercy Chaplet before Mass.

Dale O’Leary, author of “One Man, One Woman, A Catholic’s Guide to Defending Marriage”, (available at Shower of Roses in W.Boylston), has written a well-researched, thorough and compassionate defense of our Church’s teaching that marriage is a life-long union between one man and one woman. I continue quoting from this work to assist our outreach to our brothers and sisters who have Same-Sex Attraction, SSA.

"In speaking about the ‘cause’ of same-sex attraction, we must always keep in mind that we’re talking about unique individual human beings, each with his own history. In different cultures and different eras , furthermore, there are different circumstances that can push a person down the path to same-sex attraction. And although people seldom consciously ‘choose’ to be attracted to the same sex, human beings nonetheless make many choices, some of which might help lead to SSA. No single pattern will ever explain all cases."
"[John Michael] Bailey’s research with Australian twins precludes a strictly biological or genetic cause for same-sex attraction, and it also precludes a simplistic causal pattern based on family structure – since twins are born into the same family circumstances at the same time, and share the same general experiences. What twins discordant for sexual attraction don’t share is exactly the same personal experiences, and exactly the same reaction to them. The origin of SSA, therefore, must lie in these non-shared experiences."

Jun 14 Sat 10am Mass celebrated Fr. Mark Rainville, Assoc. from St. Joe’s Charlton, in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc, followed by Sidewalk prayerful protest in front of Planned Parenthood, 470 Pleasant St. Worc

Jun21 Sat 10am Mass to save babies with Fr. Adam Reid in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc, followed by Sidewalk prayerful protest in front of Planned Parenthood.
Jun 21 Sat 8am Mass and Rosary to end abortion at Framingham Union Hospital, St. Stephen's Church.

Sign petition asking Sudan not to kill 8 month pregnant Mariam Yehya for being Christian

Jun 28 Sat 10am Mass Problem Pregnancy. Fr. Ken Cardinale

Jun 29 Sun afternoon MCFL 28th Annual Walk for Mothers And Children, on the Boston Common, Parkman Bandstand. Registration: 1:30 pm, Walk starts: 2:30 pm, pre-register/make a donation

The Democrats own this state, but that means they own all the problems. They can't blame Republicans for anything! Now, I'm going to make them own up to all the problems they've created."

Please help me carry the fight to them with an online donation or a donation to the "Committee to Elect Fisher"
mailed to 13 Elm St. Auburn, MA 01501. Let's show them that we're in this to win it!

Looking forward to meeting you on the campaign trail.
Mark Fisher
Candidate for Republican Nomination for Governor of Massachusetts

Jay G.
Prayer Needs

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