Sep 5, 2012

I weigh in, and take sides...

late, in the kerfuffle between Fr. Peter West and Catholic Blogger Mark Shea. I think the crux of this matter is that Mark Shea held out a situation (gay man he considers a 'saint') where there is the Near Occasion of sin, and Scandal, but Mark ignored these factors, or completely downplayed them, and when called on this, (by Fr. Peter West of HLI, who stated there is “something deeply wrong with Mark Shea,”) he has not changed or moderated his position. I'm sure some of Fr. West's 'followers' have been less than charitable, and perhaps rash in their judgments, but those comments are not Fr. West's. Shea's problem is it is foolish to ignore or plead ignorance of someone’s public living situation when extolling their Christian virtue. Intentional Ignorance is not Invincible.

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