Feb 20, 2012

When asked if someone who didn't go to Mass could still be a good person, he said,


This quote is taken from the Dianne Williamson commentary titled Priest sours a father's eulogy

I'm actually glad Dianne wrote this. Priests are under a microscope, and often held to double standards. But there can only be The One Standard. Fr. Paul Mooradd of Our Lady of Mercy Maronite Church in Worcester (former St. Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church) did the right thing, he preached that "not attend[ing] church for years and years and years...is a mortal sin." True.

He also preached, "either we want to be with God, or we choose not to be with God. If not, you're living in mortal sin. And it's not bad enough [deceased Dori Kahale] didn't come to church. He taught his children not to come to church.” Also True.

Please Note, Fr. Mooradd offers the antidote to Mortal Sin, especially during the First Saturday devotions held at Our Lady of Mercy on First Saturdays: Confession. Which starts at 11am. Followed by Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Divine Liturgy (Maronite Rite Mass) at noon, and the closing 15 minutes of meditation about 12:45am.

Mrs. Kahale wants an apology. But one should not, and indeed cannot apologize for the Truth. Mrs. Kahale also did not deny that she does not go to church, nor that her children, on their own or at their father's promptings, stopped going to Church. She also "believes [Fr. Mooradd] should be disciplined."
We all will be.

I commend Fr. Mooradd, for being acutely aware of Scandal, the stumbling block where others come to the conclusion that the Faith is not True, or not worth adhering to. "I can't let this family make a mockery of what the church believes."

Thanks Dianne, for pointing this out...


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Some truths are hard: