Nov 13, 2011

Pro-Life Medical Association

Nov 15 Tues 6:30PM Prof. PATRICK DERR lecture at the Old Mill Restaurant Westminster, MA. Special Guest Ann Fox of MCFL. RSVP 508-764-9800.

40 Days for Life update - as of Nov 8th, the number of saved babies was up to 563, with 6 babies known to be saved in Worcester.

Nov 19 Sat 8AM Mass in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel with Fr. Reid from Sacred Heart Webster
Nov 19 Sat 8AM Prayer Vigil to End Abortion at Framingham Union Hospital - St. Stephan's

uber-progressive SEnator Diane Fenistein is trying to gut the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman. .Send a message to Congress. urging them to resist this travesty.

Nov 26 Sat 8AM Prayer Vigil Protest, 495 Pleasant St. Worc. Because of Thanksgiving there will be no Mass in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel this fourth Saturday, nor next month.
Nov 27 Sun 1-4 PM Open House here at A Shower of Roses, West Boylston at the new Gerardo's Plaza, 339 West Boylston St.

Why I am a Catholic - Because St. Vincent de Paul was once a Muslim slave.

Nov 30 Wed 7PM Immaculate Conception Church Worc - Fatima Prayer Cell prays the Rosary with Fatima Medititations. Anyone can purchase the Fatima World Apostolate handbook for about $10 at Shower of Roses in W.Boylston, MA

New Blood in the Massachusetts Republican party - let's hope they are Pro-Life and Pro-Family unlike the old guard country club conservatives!

Jay G.
Prayer Needs;
RIP Barbara (Robbie) Coudert, b.2/26/1930 d.10/23/2011 Those wishing to remember Robbie may do so through memorial donations in her memory to Friends of the Unborn, PO Box 692246, Quincy, MA 02269

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