Oct 13, 2011

40 Days midpoint candlelight vigil

Oct 15 Sat. Noon Public Square Rosary - almost 7,000 Rosary rallies across N.America. See you on Pleasant St. Free Miracle of the Sun book

Oct 15 Sat 7AM-7PM – St. Mary’s, Shrewsbury covers 40 Days for Life vigil
Oct 15 Sat 8AM Mass in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel with Fr. Reid from Sacred Heart Webster
Oct 15 Sat Noon Public Square Rosary 472 Pleasant St. Worc - Joyce A. in Fitchburg

Oct 17 Mon 5:30-6:30PM candlelight vigil from Problem Pregnancy to mark the midpoint of 40 Days for Life

Anyone considering joining the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Boston can attend the RCIA program at St. Paul's Parish, 147 North St., Hingham, with Fr. Rafferty.

Oct 18 Tue 4-5PM Fitchburg-Leominster MCFL praying 391 Main Street, Fitchburg
Oct 18 Tue 7PM Deacon Jack's cure, Knights of Columbus Westborough.

Oct 18 Tue 7PM Assumption College President's Lecture Series РHelen M. Alvar̩, JD
on Obamacare contraception mandate
on Notre Dame's honoring President Obama at their commencement

Oct 19 Wed-the 3 Grafton Cluster Parishes cover 40 Days for Life
Oct 20 Thu – St. Paul’s, Blackstone
Oct 21 Fri 11AM – Bishop McManus leads Rosary on Pleasant St. for 40o Days for Life
Oct 21 Fri evening Mass. Family Institute MFI 20th anniversary gala with Micheal Reagan at Newton Marriott Hotel,
Oct 22 Sat 10AM Mass Problem Pregnancy Chapel, Prayer Vigil Protest, 495 Pleasant St. Worc
Oct 22 Sat 7AM-7PM – Our Lady of Czestochowa, Worcester covers 40 Days for Life vigil

We are witnessing one of the biggest pro-life opportunities since 1973 . As you know, thanks to your dedication and determination, AUL's historic report; The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood; has prompted Congress to officially investigate the abortion behemoth's shameful pattern of waste, fraud, and systemic abuse. Please Help AUL with a donation.

Oct 24 Mon – St. Joseph, Charlton
Oct 25 Tue 4-5PM Fitchburg-Leominster MCFL sidewalk prayers 391 Main Street, Fitchburg
Oct 26 Wed 7PM Fatima Rosary Prayer Cell, Immaculate Conception, Worc
Oct 27 – St. Stephen’s, Worcester
Oct 29 Sat – St. Bernadette, Northboro

Nov 1 Tue 4-5PM Fitchburg-Leominster MCFL sidewalk prayers 391 Main Street, Fitchburg
Nov 2 Wed – House of Prayer, Auburn, Inc. Church of God (evening only)
Nov 3 Thu – Blessed John Paul II, Southbridge
Nov 3 Thu 4PM Mass at Blessed Sacrament then Eucharistic Procession around the block
Nov 4 Fri – St. Gabriel’s, Upton (2nd day)
Nov 4 Fri 8PM 1st Friday Mass followed by all night eucharistic adoration, Problem Pregnancy Chapel. Fr. Gallagher.
Nov 4-5 Fr. Apostoli comes to RI
Nov 5 Sat - the 3 Grafton Cluster Parishes (2nd day) 1st Saturday Mass 8AM with Fr. Roy

Nov 10 Thu 7PM Assumption College President's Lecture Series – Archbishop Charles Chaput

Jay G.
Prayer Needs;

Are you concerned about the leftward drift of the Massachusetts Republican Party? Do the Party’s pro-homosexual and pro-abortion positions bother you? If you’re willing to put in a little time, you can personally help turn things around.

There is a movement to attract good conservatives to run for the Massachusetts Republican State Committee in the upcoming elections. The State Committee is the “board of directors” that controls the Massachusetts Republican Party, makes its policy, and selects the Party Chairman.

Each of the state’s 40 State Senate Districts elects a man and a woman for the Republican State Committee. Thus, there are 80 State Committee Members: 40 men and 40 women.

To be blunt, the problem is that a majority of the State Committee members are RINOS. That’s why we’ve been in the mess we’re in. However, in the upcoming elections there are several members leaving, and several who are weak and could be beaten by the right candidate. That’s why we are asking YOU to consider running this year.

The duties are relatively easy. You go to a meeting once every month or so, and probably serve on a committee. But it’s the votes at the meetings that count. That’s why we need good people. If people like YOU are willing to run and make a difference, things could be turned around!

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