May 22, 2011

Visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

The Eucharistic Chapel at St. George's Catholic Church, 40 Brattle St. in Worcester, MA is open 24x7.
Please Pray and consider commiting one hour per week. Or, fi you are able to serve as a substitute or to do any part of the following times, we are happy to have you join us. We invite you to consider one of the following hours:

Sunday 6AM till 7AM and 8AM till 9AM
Monday 7AM till 8AM, 8AM till 9AM and 10AM till 11AM
Tuesday 3AM till 4AM, 4AM till 5AM, 8AM till 9AM, and 4PM till 5PM
Wednesday 2AM till 3AM
Thursday 3AM till 4AM, 5AM till 6AM, 11AM till noon for the summer
Friday 2AM till 3AM
Saturday 10AM till 11AM for the summer and 3PM till 4PM

Please contact Deacon Archie. His phone numbers are in the chapel

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