Apr 16, 2011

Scott Brown no longer Pro-Choice, but Pro-Abortion

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) ran a platform that claimed he was Pro-Choice, but a various points during the campaign and during his tenure in the Senate, he indicated that he was different than the Democrats who support the abortion lobby and Planned Parenthood. We Pro-Lifers believed we had someone whom we could vote for as a prudential judgement, as Scott would be against Tax payer funded abortion, and he would not promote the anti-human rights campaign of Planned Parenthood.

However with Scott's recent vote to allow Planned Parenthood to continue receiving tax payer funding for their abortion business, despite the record deficits our Federal government has racked up, and despite Scott's claim to at least be a fiscal conservative, it has become clear that Scott Brown has gone from Pro-Choice to Pro-Abortion, and no respectable Pro-Lifer can support or vote for him.

It's is very small consolation to note that Brown did vote AGAINST funding abortions overseas and in Washington, DC. but his vote to continue to give tax funding to the abortion business indicates he is Pro-Abortion.

Recently a pro-lifer related how she "got a mailing from John McCain asking for money to support Scott Brown. I immediately wrote on the return slip that I could no longer support the senator after he voted to support Planned Parenthood with taxpayers' money. I am mailing it back today. If you feel moved to do so, maybe you could mention in the newsletter that anyone else who receives a similar mailing might consider doing the same. If he gets enough of them he might think twice the next time a vote like this comes up. Otherwise he will be a one termer-- When are the Republicans going to get their ducks in a row-- ALLLLLLL the dems (even "pro-life" ones) voted their way."

I think this says it pretty well. Let McCain, and all the other Republicans who solicit donations that the Pro-Life vote is theirs to throw away, just like the Democrats did in 1992.


JayG said...

Last week the Senate voted on defunding Obamacare and denying Title X grants to Planned Parenthood and other abortionist providers.
Sen. Senator Brown voted to defund Obamacare, but did not vote to deny Title X to PP and other abortionists. Both bills were not passed in the Senate, which means Scott helped continue funding for Planned Parenthood's abortion business.

The Planned Parenthood Title X family planning grant in Central Massachusetts provided the monies used to open the Planned Parenthood abortion feeder sites in Fitchburg and Milford.

Humanist said...

you guys have got to stop trying to write your theology into US policy and laws. 300 bishops and 68 million Catholics who access birth control and have abortions at almost the same percentage as everyone else. Get real.
For the record, Scott Brown is anti-abortion. He just is a politician who would sell his soul for a vote.

JayG said...

So you're saying if our tax dollars do not go to pay for your choices, we are trying to write our theology into US Policy?
I suppose you expect us to provide these morally objectionable services in our hospitals, and to all our employees. Do you expect this because you believe you are right? In other words, it is wrong to object to or refuse to pay for these services because they are objectively good?