Mar 17, 2011

Counter Planned Parenthood on Boston Common

Mar 19 Sat Noon-1PM Parkman Bandstand, Boston Common Counter Revolution - Bring your Pro-Life Signs (No Balloons though!) to counter the Planned Parenthood rally.
This is how they counter in Chicago

Pope asks all to pray for Tsunami victims in Japan.

Mar 24 Thu 3:30PM pray the rosary with Fr. Bob Bruso, 391 Main St. Fitchburg
Mar 26 Sat AM Prayer Vigil Protest in front of Planned Parenthood on Pleasant St. with 40 Days for Life. Abortions scheduled. 40 Days for Life reports 35 baby saves by 3/14/2011
Mar 26 Sat Worc Diocese Men's Conference - DCU Center

Mar 29 Tue 7PM Assumption College Lecture Series, "Three Battle Cries in Search or Meaning: Social Justice, the Common Good, and Liberty." Michael Novak. La Maison Francaise.

Gay Marriage stopped in MD
"The Senate vote was definitely a wake-up call," said Minority Leader Nancy C. Jacobs (R-Harford). "It got the churches involved. It got people involved. Quite frankly, I thought it was going to fly through the House. But once delegates started hearing from their constituents, they started thinking twice."
Top Ten reasons why the this was able to be stopped:
1. They ignored the moderate conservative "experts."
2. Groups from everywhere became active.
3. Key activists worked really hard.
4. Outstanding leadership from politicians.
5. The churches got involved in a major way.
6. Fearless use of strong arguments.
7. Money was put to good use.
8. Ex-gay movement came in.
9. The Republican Party got involved.
10. Prayer.
Thanks Massresistance

Mar 31 Thu 3:30PM pray the rosary with Fr. Bob Bruso, 391 Main St. Fitchburg
Apr 1 Fri 8PM 1st Friday Mass in Problem Pregnancy Chapel, all night Eucharistic adoration.
Apr 2 Sat 8AM Mass in Problem Pregnancy Chapel, No abortions scheduled at Planned Parenthood

Apr 7 Thu 3:30PM pray the rosary with Fr. Bob Bruso, Planned Parenthood Main St Fitchburg
Apr 29-May 4, 2011, JP-II Beatification in Rome

June 14th MA State House in Boston. Lobby Day, help prevent the Bathroom bill from perverting our public rest rooms.

New Book documents Mitt Romney's stealth campaign to promote the homosexual agenda, including his help with same-sex marriage while Governor of MA.

The "right and left lungs" of the Church may not breath together any time soon.

Thanks and God Bless,
Jay G.
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Michael Cole said...

Pray the rosary with Fr. Bruso? Does he accept the Church's teaching regarding homosexual acts and same-sex "marriage"? Father signed a statement (with known dissidents) which cited the theologically flawed "Always our Children." The statement read:

On May 17th the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will begin issuing civil marriage licenses to same sex couples. This has provoked considerable controversy. Many in our state are opposed and many are in favor. As members of the Catholic community and people of faith, we are reminded of the pastoral message the United States bishops issued to parents of homosexual children, "always our children," and recall the guidance they offered with reference to a previous Vatican document:

'Respect for the God-given dignity of all persons means the recognition of human rights and responsibilities. The teachings of the church make it clear that the fundamental human rights of homosexual persons must be defended and that all of us must strive to eliminate any forms of injustice, oppression, or violence against them.' (cf. the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons, 1986, No. 10).

This concerns me as well:


JayG said...

I suppose one could go pray the rosary that we who accept kill the error, love the one who errs
HT to Paul M.