Oct 3, 2010

Life of the TEA Party

In God we Trust, pass the Word.

Oct 6 Wed 5-7PM Planned Parenthood now does abortions this evening, so we need Prayer coverage.
Oct 7 Thu St. Michael the Archangel covers 40 Days for Life
Oct 7 Thu 7PM - fundraiser for "A Woman's Concern" crisis pregnancy center, Danversport Yacht Club, 161 Elliott Street, Danvers. $50 hors d'oeuvres buffet and dessert. Speaker: Danielle Huntley of Students for Life of America
Oct 8 Fri, 10AM St. Luke's covers 40 Days for Life
Planned Parenthood is scared because so many TEA party candidates are Pro-Life, and the Republicans pledge no Tax payer funding for abortion.
Oct 9 Sat Abortions all morning at Planned Parenthood 470 Pleasant St. Worcester. Prayers in back, sidewalk counselors up front.
Oct 9 Sat Pro-Life conference at St. Paul's Cathedral, High St. Worcester
Oct 9 Sat Noon-3PM Prayer vigil for Life Immaculate Conception, 11 Prospect St. Marlborough, MA, Sponsored by the Greater Marlborough Coalition for Life, followed by vigil to Planned Parenthood, 91 Main St.

Oct 14 Thu 11AM Bishop Robert McManus will lead the rosary in front of Planned Parenthood at 480 Pleasant St. in Worcester as part of 40 Days for Life.
Oct 14 Thu 7PM MFI Banquet featuring RI Bishop Tobin, Newton Marriot.
Oct 15 Fri St. Lukes covers some hours for 40 Days, but could use some help.
Oct 16 Sat Public Rosary across the USA Noon on Pleasant St. Also Our Lady of Czestochowa parishioners will pray for 40 Days for Life. Fr. Ryszard Polek will pray with us and offer Mass at 11AM in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel.

Donate to National Organization for Marriage to help stop same-sex marriage being forced down the nation's throat by Progressive Judges.

Oct 18 Mon, 7PM St. Pope’s Call to Political Action by the Executive Director of Catholic Citizenship, Patricia Doherty. K of C Hall, 17 Willow St. (next to the rail bridge) off Main St. in Westboro.

Oct 20 Wed, 7PM Hagan Center Assumption College - "Church & Society in Communication" Delia Gallagher, member Vatican Press Corps, reporting for National Catholic Register, National Review and OSV.

Caritas Christi Conundrum in Boston.

Boston Catholic TEA Party. Time to tell the Archbishop, the Nuncio and the Vatican we're tired of hearing Catholic Social Teaching misused to support Pro-Abortion politicians.

Order “Merry Christmas – God with Us” buttons or stickers for the True Holiday.

Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood abortion center director who experienced a conversion during last fall’s 40 Days for Life in Michigan.

Monsignor Sullivan's trip to England for Cardinal Newman's beatification.

Nov 27, Sat Day of Prayer for all Nascent Human Lives

Thanks and God Bless,
Jay G.

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