Jun 29, 2010

Nix Kagan

Kagan's nomination should be opposed for any number of reasons

* She is a judicial activist, who agrees with former Justice Thurgood Marshall that the Constitution given to us by the Framers was "defective" and that it contained "outdated notions of liberty, justice and equality."
* Her "judicial hero" is former Israeli justice Aharon Barak, who said a judge "may give a statute a new meaning...[t]he statute remains as it was, but its meaning changes, because the court has given it a new meaning that suits new social needs."
* She is anti-military and pro-homosexual. While dean of the Harvard Law School, she kicked military recruiters off campus, in defiance of a federal law which had been upheld by the Supreme Court on a unanimous vote. She said she "abhorred" the military's ban on open homosexual service, and called it a "moral injustice of the first order."
* She believes in the supremacy of international law over the Constitution. While dean at Harvard Law, she dropped the required course in the Constitution and replaced it with a required course on international law.
* She is pro-abortion and anti-life. She has contributed financially to pro-abortion groups, and believes that abortions should be taxpayer funded.
* She believes that the government may ban political pamphlets and books during an election season, in violation of the First Amendment's free speech protections.
* She is anti-Second Amendment. She is "not sympathetic" to the claim that individuals have the right to keep and bear arms under the Constitution.
* She is pro-Muslim. At the same time she kicked military recruiters off campus, she allowed Saudi Arabia to recruit lawyers for work on Shariah-Compliant Finance.
* She is anti-capitalist and pro-socialist, once writing glowingly of "socialism's greatness."
* Former Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork said that if Kagan is confirmed "you will have a court that is much more to the left than we have today."

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