Mar 21, 2010

Greater Fitchburg for Life update

Greater Fitchburg for Life will not be attempting rent the Main St. office space out from under Planned Parenthood, but instead will be focusing on the education aspects of sidewalk counseling. Picketing is educational. Passing out material is educational. Counseling is educational. Bearing witness is educational. Writing letters to the editor is educational. Having a blog is educational. Attending city council meetings is educational, for me at least! Therefore what resources we have will be carefully and efficiently ordered towards all such activities as are educational. This is what we are comfortable doing and feel called to do.

This week they experienced a little pressure from the landlords. They complained about GFL standing in front of the Nails shop and the Tax Prep location, which they were not doing. Also for the duration of the picketing they are occasionally harassed and insulted by people who do not share their joyful vision of the worth of each human life. It is necessary that cool heads prevail. We may not return anger for anger. We may not engage on the level of brute confrontation. It is a confrontation, but we are to meet anger and the despair that it proceeds from with love. Jesus said 'Love your enemies'. This is the gospel and this is the stronger weapon. How many of the people who engage us in anger could be turned for the good if we dissolved their hurt with love. I have the good fortune to well know a young lady who counsels women who have had abortions. She is courageous. She has taught me this. I think it is what is required of us. If you are engaged by the heckler and you feel like giving him a piece of your mind, please refer him to your leader for the day.  

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