Feb 7, 2010

Say No to Planned Parenthood

Kudos to members of the Fitchburg-Leominster Chapter of Mass. Citizens for Life and the other pro-life citizens from the area around Fitchburg. Planned Parenthood plans to use a federal grant to open facilities in Fitchburg, Milford, and Marlborough. Last Thursday 80 people protested at the proposed Fitchburg site. On Tuesday,40 pro-lifers attended the Fitchburg City Council meeting and many of them testified. The Council voted not to act on the resolution which asks Planned Parenthood not to come to Fitchburg. We need you to contact the landlords who own the building.
Christopher Kacandes, Trustee 781-858-7475
10 Rock Brook Way
Boxford, MA 01920
Bruce Richard and Judi Richard 978-827-4179
B C Realty Trust
168  Harris Road.
Ashburnham, 01430
Office phone # 781-858-7475
Thank you for your support!
Christine Hanley, Chair, Fitchburg-Leominster Chapter, MCFL

Feb 8 Mon 3:45-5PM – 391 Main St. Fitchburg, continuous daily, Sundays off.
Pro-Lifers are organizing a daily protest of Planned Parenthood's move to Fitchburg. Please coordinate signs according to the mysteries of the Rosary. Monday's (Joyful) signs should be “Choose Life”, Tuesday's (Sorrowful) signs should be “abortion kills”, Wednesday's (Glorious) signs should be “Life is Glorious”, Thursday's (Luminous) signs should be “Defend Life”, Friday repeats Sorrowful, Saturday repeats Glorious. Back of signs should say “Stop Planned Parenthood”

Feb 13 Sat 9-10AM Prayer Vigil Protest in front of Planned Parenthood, 472 Pleasant. St Worc. Please park on the street. An abortion Saturday.
Feb 13 Sat noon-2PM 391 Main St. Fitchburg Glorious Mysteries protest.


saynsumthn said...

Get a copy of the film which exposes Planned Parenthood and their true agenda: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America - here: http://www.maafa21.com

Rita Jeannine Melanson said...

Emma Goldman, the social anarchist and pioneer activist of the movement promoting birth control once said, "The most violent element in society is ignorance." And indeed Planned Parenthood's ignorance has led to untold violence against defenseless children within and without the womb. Now this racist anti-life organization wants to bring its violence to Fitchburg, a city already poisoned by much ignorance. I agree with Dr. Mark Rollo, who said (in a letter to the Editor of the Sentinel & Enterprise published today) "The truth is that increasingly available contraception has been associated with increased abortion and sexually transmitted disease. A large percentage of all abortions are done on women who become pregnant while on some form of contraception. A pack of pills given today means the likelihood of abortion down the road. That's where the real money is. What's more, Planned Parenthood has been accused of covering up statutory rape. There have been reports of girls being told by agency personnel not to divulge the age of their sexual partners who are often adults and therefore guilty of statutory rape. I love my city. It would be heartbreaking to see our young people exploited under the guise of 'serving' them."

What a shame that Fr. Hughes and the rest of the "pastoral team" at St. Joseph's Parish in Fitchburg have not been able to muster the moral strength necesary to take a stand against Planned Parenthood and its exploitation of young people as has Dr. Rollo.

Dr. Rollo is to be commended.