Jan 24, 2010

Fitchburg doesn't need Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has been given a $387,000 federal grant to provide Health Awareness Services in an office at 317 Main St., Fitchburg, MA. Six members of the Fitchburg City council have “slammed” these plans according to a Fitchburg Sentinel report, specifically voting “to draft a resolution urging Planned Parenthood to abandon plans to open a Fitchburg chapter.”

We agree with this resolution, and with Councilor-at-large Dean Tran, who said "there already exist many social services providing help to women and we do not need another one in Fitchburg." Tran wants to combat the “reputation of Fitchburg as the epicenter of social services.”

But more importantly, we disagree with the Planned Parenthood concept of "health awareness." When we see the Planned Parenthood signs and their hot pink Toyota Scion with the tag line "Sexual Health Matters" we want to know exactly what they mean. We get that meaning from their Web site teenwire.com, where such topics as "Will the Gyno (gynecologist) tell your mom that you are having sex?" assure young girls not to worry, but to check first and avoid those gynecologists who might inform their parents. The “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning” link claims that we are either gay or bisexual from birth, yet we may take a long time to question our sexual orientation. In other words, try it, all of it.

Planned Parenthood has had a generation to work to reduce sexually transmitted disease, and we do not believe their approach has worked. We believe the promotion of promiscuity, the mocking of monogamy, and the band-aid of safe-sex has been totally ineffective. Couple this colossal ineffectiveness with the fact that the Fitchburg Planned Parenthood office will be a feeder to the Worcester Planned Parenthood abortion center and you have all the reason Fitchburg needs to keep Planned Parenthood out of town.


JayG said...

Please call Fitchburg City councilors and urge them to keep Planned Parenthood's promisquity out of town:
Tom Conry – 978-348-1799
Rosemary Reynolds – 978-345-7583
Marcus DiNatale - 978-790-3595
Stephan Hay - 978-348-1263
Dean Tran – 78-353-8726
David Clark - 978-343-0895
Norman Boisvert – 978-342-9860
Joel Kaddy – 978-342-1442
Kevin Starr – 978-855-8033
Joseph Solomito – 978-342-4108
Jody Joseph - 978-343-4539

State Rep Steven L DiNatale government webpage:

Please contact. He is against another social service agency in Fitchburg especially on Main Street.
Phone: 617-722-2460
Fitchburg City Hall District Office: 978-342-0110

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Dean Tran is one of my Facebook friends. I read of this matter in the Sentinel & Enterprise and am heartened that Planned Parenthood is meeting such opposition in a town already plagued with so many problems. The Holy Spirit is moving.

Pray for the good people of New Hampshire who are seeking to amend the State's Constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. And for the success of Karen Testerman's campaign for Governor of the Granite State. I will be talking with her this week about her campaign and have already endorsed her at my Blog.

God love you,

skierBrian said...


Thanks for sharing this. I am sickened and appalled that a Federal Grant was given to planned parenthood for this, and at the thought of this coming to our town. Not on my watch! I will fight this. This is a fight worth fighting for!

JayG said...

If you can't call Fitchburg City councilors then email them and urge them to keep Planned Parenthood's promiscuity out of town: Tom Conry – 978-348-1799 (nezza@comcast.net); Rosemary Reynolds – 978-345-7583 (Smile57@verizon.net); Marcus DiNatale – 978-790-3595 (marcusdinatale@gmail.com); Stephan Hay – 978-348-1263 (shaychay@verizon.net); Dean Tran – 978-353-8726 (dean@deantran.net); David Clark - 978-343-0895; Norman Boisvert – 978-342-9860; Joel Kaddy – 978-342-1442; Kevin Starr – 978-855-8033 (kstarr22@verizon.net); Joseph Solomito – 978-342-4108 (prog1954@verizon.net); Jody Joseph - 978-343-4539

JayG said...

Just found out previous number is incorrect, Joel Kaddy is 978-804-0010, please call him and educate him on Planned Parenthood

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

February 6, 2010

Rev. Thien X. Nguyen
Immaculate Conception
59 Walnut Street
Fitchburg, Ma 01420

Re: Proposed Planned Parenthood Office In Fitchburg

Dear Fr. Thien,

The purpose of this letter is to inquire as to whether or not you would be interested in leading a prayer-procession across Fitchburg to both the proposed site for a Planned Parenthood Office as well as City Hall. It is my idea that all three mysteries of the Holy Rosary could be prayed and holy water and blessed salt could be used to cast away this evil which threatens the fair city of Fitchburg.

I believe now is the time for robust spiritual action. We Christians need to pray and fast as never before since some demons are cast out only by this means (Mark 9:29). The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, No. 2, states that the Vatican Council “…gazes upon that world which is the theater of man’s history, and carries the marks of his energies, his tragedies, and his triumphs; that world which the Christian sees as created and sustained by its Maker’s love, fallen indeed into the bondage of sin, yet emancipated now by Christ. He was crucified and rose again to break the stranglehold of personified Evil, so that this world might be fashioned anew according to God’s design and reach its fulfillment.”

Planned Parenthood’s arrival in Fitchburg would constitute yet another stranglehold of evil. But our hope is in the Crucified One who shatters such strongholds and liberates us. Now is the time for us to invoke His Holy Name and to pray for deliverance. Sacred Scripture (e.g., Daniel 10) testifies to the truth that evil can infect not only people but cities, countries and entire regions. Fitchburg has been infected by evil. And while pro-life demonstrations and letters to the editor of the local newspaper can be very useful, still, as Jesus taught so clearly, some demons are only driven out through prayer and fasting.

I believe our Catholic community can, and will, triumph over this evil through such means. Fr. Thien, will you lead such a procession and deliverance prayer? Perhaps other area Churches could participate? Please let me know if you are willing and I will do everything I can to coordinate such an endeavor.

I am, Yours in Christ,

Paul Anthony Melanson

This letter was mailed out today. If Father Thien agrees with this proposal, would you be interested in joining the procession? Your friends and contacts? If so, I may be reached via my email: cleghornboy@juno.com