Dec 13, 2009

Message from December 12

Midnight Service at the United Hearts Field
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe - December 12, 2009
(This message was given in multiple parts.)
Blessed Mother says: "Praise be to Jesus."

"Dear children, tonight I come once again seeking your unity in truth - the truth of Holy Love. Do not be surprised that Heaven's call here focuses upon truth, for it is Satan's lies that are leading souls and whole nations astray. When governments began to accept abortion as a legal right, they were, in fact, surrendering to the father of lies - Satan. They did not gain freedom but became prisoners of sin."

"This was when the abyss between Heaven and earth began to widen. Now the Vessel of Justice - My Son's Heart - is overflowing. I need your cooperation - your unity in truth - to withhold the Arm of Justice."

"My Son has poured out His Mercy at this site and through these Messages, but it has been met with so much disdain.* People and nations continue to choose slavery to sin over freedom in the truth. I came many years ago in an effort to protect the Faith, but My protection was scorned. Now you are left with the closing of many churches. Churches all over the world stand empty - many in countries which have been given the greatest graces. You must realize that what you accept or reject in the present affects your future."

"Today the world has many problems which cannot be solved without God. Through this messenger and at this site, I am calling souls back to the reality of God's Divine Will and pursuit of personal holiness. Yet My efforts continue to be misunderstood. So, My dear little children, tonight I am here to speak to the Remnant Faithful - those who listen and persevere in truth."

"To these Remnant few, I say you are chosen to influence many. Do not fear rejection or ridicule. My Son suffered gravely at the hands of a pharisaical spirit, but He was victorious in the end. You must persevere as did He - with Holy Boldness. Prayer is the vehicle which moves hearts and motivates action. Therefore, pray before you evangelize; then My angels will assist you."

"Worldly reputation is of no account in God's Eyes. It is passing as is money, power and all of material value. It is the evil one who places the desire in your hearts to cling to these things."

"You, as My Remnant, need to cling to the Refuge of Holy Love that is My Heart, which raises you above prideful temptations."

"The world is about to suffer grave consequences for its dependence upon self and not God. Technology will be an enemy of freedoms which have been taken for granted. Mankind's independent nature which he has seen as a 'be all and end all,' will become even more the divisive factor in church and world politics."

"Please understand that these things must happen by way of purification. It is a purification which will return hearts to the truth that mankind's welfare is in the Hands of God."

"With certainty, understand that the ways in which this Mission and these Messages have been rejected is a sign that such a purification is needed - even imminent."

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JayG said...

"There has been some confusion concerning a recent statement about Holy Love Ministries by the local bishop. We remain an ecumenical ministry attempting, as Jesus says in His Messages here, to unite all people and all nations in Holy Love - the two great Commandments of Love. As such, we are not under the auspices, nor do we seek the approval of the local Ordinary. All are welcome here. None are forbidden!"

We find it sad - even extraordinary - that anyone would find it necessary to discourage the prayer effort here. We are not in competition with any established church for membership or funds. We are praying for those who have chosen to oppose us."