Dec 17, 2009

Massachusetts Special election Pro-Life Voter Guide

Election of Massachusetts US Senator is January 19, 2010. Even though Brown is not "Pro-Life", his actions speak louder than Coakley's mantra of all abortion all the time:
MARTHA COAKLEY (D)                  SCOTT BROWN (R)
favors    Tax funding for abortion     opposes
opposes      Parental Consent          favors
opposes  Ban on Partial Birth Abortion  favors
favors       Freedom of Choice Act      opposes
opposes  Abortion specifically exempted  favors
from national health plans
opposes  Adult stem cell research       favors
opposes  Infants Born Alive Protection Act favors

Martha Coakley has been advertising her pro-abortion positions on paid TV. She stated she would not support a national health care bill if it included abortion restrictions.

Scott Brown has sponsored the Woman's Right to Know Act. He sponsored and passed Cord Blood legislation to provide an alternative to embryonic stem cell research. (from MCFL)

From Massresistance - "From a state-wide standpoint, the kind of representation we get in the US Senate could hardly be different. Martha Coakley is even more radically left-wing across the board than Ted Kennedy, if that's possible. Her long record of aggressive anti-family positions and activities is breathtaking. (We will be doing much more on this in the coming weeks.) Scott Brown is a pretty decent conservative (though not completely pro-life) who has mainstream positions (including pro-traditional marriage) and doesn't back down to left-wing pressure and intimidation."

MFI Voter Guide

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caseyfamilyupton said...

I'll try to bring this up at our next K of C meeting this weekend. I emailes all my friends and have been talking to others about him. I'll pray for him to win. I so hope he does. It would be a strong prolife message and one that says were tired of a small minority of people forcing this upon us.

God Bless