Dec 6, 2009

adult children of homosexual parents

Clinical psychologist Dr. Trayce Hansen has reviewed all the research into the sexual behavior and preferences of children raised by homosexuals and discovered that Studies thus far find between 8% and 21% of homosexually parented children ultimately identify as non-heterosexual. For comparison purposes, approximately 2% of the general population are non-heterosexual. Therefore, if these percentages continue to hold true, children of homosexuals have a 4 to 10 times greater likelihood of developing a non-heterosexual preference than other children.

Dr. Hansen cites two well-known pro-homosexual researchers, Judith Stacey and Timothy Biblarz, who share one reason why this finding should not be surprising: . . . it is difficult to conceive of a credible theory of sexual development that would not expect the adult children of lesbigay parents to display a somewhat higher incidence of homoerotic desire, behavior, and identity than children of heterosexual parents.

Here are just a few of Dr. Hansen's discoveries:
- From F.W.Bozett's study entitled "Social control of identity of children of gay fathers," Dr. Hansen found that "33% of the male children of homosexual fathers identified themselves as homosexual."

- From A. Goldberg's study entitled "(How) does it make a difference? Perspectives of adults with lesbian, gay, and bisexual parents," Dr. Hansen found that "91% of them believed that having non-heterosexual parents 'influenced their ideas about gender and relationships,' and 'that 17% of Goldberg's subjects identified themselves as non-heterosexual (lesbian, bisexual or gender-queer)."

- And from J.P. Paul's doctoral dissertation entitled "Growing up with a gay, lesbian, or bisexual parent: an exploratory study of experiences and perceptions," Dr. Hansen found that "Although 15% of Paul's sample did self-identify as gay or lesbian, another 6% identified themselves as bisexual."

This raises questions about how identification as non-heterosexual is influenced by social/familal and not genetic factors, and does an increase in the number of children raised by homosexual parents give a corresponding increase the numbers of those children who later self-identify as non-homosexual.

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