Oct 5, 2009

Leading cause of death for pregnant women

64% of American women felt pressured by others
More than half felt rushed, yet 67% received no counseling
79% were not told about available alternatives
65% suffer symptoms of trauma
"Homicide is the leading killer of pregnant women"

VM Rue et. al., “Induced abortion and traumatic stress: A preliminary comparison of American and Russian women,” Medical Science Monitor 10(10): SR5-16 (2004).

"Many pregnant women have been killed by partners trying to prevent the birth, and women are more likely to be attacked while pregnant"

Coercion to abort can escalate to violence against women
Julie A. Gazmararian et al., "The Relationship Between Pregnancy Intendedness and Physical Violence in Mothers of Newborns," Obstetrics & Gynecology, 85 :1031 (1995); Hortensia Amaro et al., "Violence During Pregnancy and Substance Use," American Journal of Public Health, 80: 575 (1990); and J. McFarlane et al., "Abuse During Pregnancy and Femicide: Urgent Implications for Women’s Health," Obstetrics & Gynecology, 100: 27, 27-36 (2002).

"Murder is the leading cause of death among pregnant women."
I.L. Horton and D. Cheng, "Enhanced Surveillance for Pregnancy-Associated Mortality-Maryland, 1993-1998," JAMA 285(11): 1455-1459 (2001); see also J. Mcfarlane et. al., "Abuse During Pregnancy and Femicide: Urgent Implications for Women's Health," Obstetrics & Gynecology, 100: 27-36 (2002).

Coerced or forced abortion: internationally recognized as human rights abuse

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Brian said...

This is all so sad. We must pray hard and long. And continue to defend the faith.

One thing is for sure - with persecution, the Church will only grow stronger - and Jesus will NEVER abandon His Church!