Aug 9, 2009

Paintings of Celine Martin

Celine Martin was the next oldest sister of Saint Theresa of Lisieux, who joined her in Carmel, and may be the main reason we have the Story of a Soul.

Celine was an artist of not insignificant talent, and also a photographer. The following paintings are from the Museum Lisieux. Celine, who took the name Sr. Genevieve on entering the Carmel painted the Madonna and Child at Right in 1894.

The Sorrows painting at right is from 1888.

Our Lady of Good Counsel is also from 1888.

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MichelleP12 said...

I am SO glad to see these paintings by Celine Martin (Sr. Genevieve)!!!! I have been looking for pictures of her paintings for a long time. Upon seeing one of her paintings, (not one here) one of the servants was converted; therefore, God certainly worked through Celine. Another work of hers that is virtually unknown is the grisaille (shades of gray) Holy Face of Christ image, which took first place at a religious arts contest around 1904 or 1909. The image was copied millions of times and is everywhere. If you look closely in one of the bottom corners, you will see "Carmel et Lisieux." That is how you will know it is hers. I have a prayer card with that on it. St. Therese and Pauline were amazing artists as well.