Jun 8, 2009

The Comeback Begins?

The Comeback Begins? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

More surprising news, from Albany via the National Organization for Marriage:

The New York Times is reporting, and our sources in Albany confirm, that the New York Senate has just switched to GOP control. Two Democratic senators this afternoon voted with Republicans to give the Republicans control of the chamber by a 32-30 majority.

The situation is still very fluid, and it’s not yet clear why these two senators switched, or whether the gay marriage issue played a role in the reversal. As you know, over the past two weeks, NOM has helped organize thousands of phone calls and emails from 25 key Senate districts urging lawmakers to reject the same-sex marriage legislation being pushed by the Democratic leadership.

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JayG said...

The Dems cut the mike and turned off the lights. Standard Operating Procedure it would appear, just like GE's Stockholder meeting with Imelt.