Jun 10, 2007

True History

June 10, 2007
English Professor Mike True is giving the comfort of tenure on Salisbury St. a bad name (As I See It, 6/6/2007 feed missing). In divorcing history from truth, he muddles Catholic theology, e.g. his criticism of Pope Benedict for disciplining Liberation Theologian Fr. Jon Sobrino.

Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Protestants and all Christians agree that Jesus is God, as clearly stated in the early Church Councils, back when we were all one Church. When a Catholic theologian, Fr. Sobrino, calls the early Church Councils "dangerous" and diminishes the divinity of Jesus by referring to Him as at most "of God" it should come as no surprise that same Catholic theologian is corrected by the Catholic Pope. Jesus cannot be reduced to a Marxist superhero liberator of the poor when He is the messiah, God incarnate, sent to liberate all from their sins; not for the sake of this world but that we may stand in the presence of God in the next.

The Pope's document addresses why Fr. Sobrino was disciplined: "Theology arises from obedience to the impulse of Truth which seeks to be communicated, and from the love that desires to know even better the One who loves – God himself – whose goodness we have recognized in the Act of Faith. For this reason, theological reflection cannot have a foundation other than the faith of the Church."
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JayG said...

Monseignor Sullivan's letter was in the Telegram today, so my letter was in good company. Mine is not online though

JayG said...

Prof. True converted to Catholicism Decades ago, but has since left the Church and converted to Quakerism. I'm not sure he made that clear in his column, and actually wrote as if he were still a Catholic