May 17, 2007

the company you keep

You are known by the company you keep. SpiritDaily had a quick link a few days ago, now gone, to some curious neighbors who share the same
120 Wall St. home in lower Manhattan.

The neighbors;
Center for Reproductive Law and Policy
Inter'l Planned Parenthood - Western Hemisphere Division
Lambda Legal Defense/Education Fund
The Alan Guttmacher Institute

All neighbors of the Lucis Trust, originally called the Lucifer Trust

Be not afraid, but beware.

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JayG said...

Spirit Daily has a link to a Mark Shea article on Satan's ecumenism. Shea thinks, and I agree, that the Spiritual Warfare we know is going on will make for Strange Bedfellows by Worldly standards, e.g. Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL, Gay rights groups and Iran's former President Khatami. Why would those who whole heartedly endorse abortion and homosexual license host the leader of a country that prohibits abortion and kills homosexuals? Read Shea and find out.