Apr 7, 2007

A Day to Remember

By Jewish reckoning, one day is a complete night followed by a compete day, for example the Sabbath begins on Friday at dusk and ends on Saturday at dusk.
This means that the Last Supper Thursday night was the same day as the Crucifixion, the 15th of the month of Nisan, the month of Redemption because it was the month when G_d used Moses and Aaron to redeem the Israelites out of Egypt.

At Passover, Jews not just remember but "reactualize" the Exodus. This "reactualization" of the Exodus out of Egypt is known in Hebrew as the Zikkaron. The Babylonian Talmud says "In every generation a person must consider himself as if he personally had gone out of Egypt" (Pesachim 116b). Jews in Worcester in 2007 AD are actually back with Moses about 1400 BC.

The Greek translation of Zikkaron is Anamnesis. The English translation of memorial, commemoration or remembrance does not quite convey the full meaning of Zikkaron, leaving out the reactualization part. St. Paul actually quoted Jesus as saying at the last Supper, "do this as my anamnesis", which is why Catholics should understand the Mass as the reactualization of the Last Supper – and the Crucifixion.

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