Apr 21, 2007

and you thought it was just the Liberals

In a Troubling story out of Naples, FL, home to Ave Maria University, the recent firing, rehiring, and demotion of Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ by Tom Monaghan raises questions about the direction of Ave Maria University, and the Catholic Church in America.

Monaghan, often depicted as an Orthodox and Traditional Catholic, mainly because he is not a liberal, is actually stongly influenced by the Charismatic movement. John Grasmeier, in The Story behind the Story of the Fr. Fessio Firing from Ave Maria breaks down the story in stark details that show a battle between Charismatics and Traditionalists, with the Charismatics banning from Ave Maria not only the Tridentine Mass, but any Latin, solemn chant, or priest facing the Altar instead of people, in the Novus Ordo Mass.
Pray for them all, that they may do God's will and not their own.


Anonymous said...

Actually, there is a Latin Novus Ordo Mass every Sunday at 10, as well as 3 weekday mornings. Ad Orientem with Gregorian chant. Sunday 5:15 this week will have a healing Mass with Praise and Worship music. Other Masses in English vary from praise & worship to chant & hymns with organ and cantor or choir.

JayG said...

You are correct anonymous that there is a 10AM Latin Novus Ordo every Sunday, I verified this quote from Mrs. Diana Silva at the Bonfire of the Vanities blog.

But Diana Silva is resigning from Ave Maria this June because of the forced Praise and Worship liturgies, which she is responsible for but has no authority over. So the question is still, do the Praise and Worship Liturgies engage in Liturgical abuses, and does this lead to a loss of reverence.
From the Article:
"A major setback for the music program and deep disappointment for Diana came when Father Fessio was removed from the chaplaincy. Not long after, without Diana's knowledge, Healy brought in a new P&W director specifically to oversee the music he was trying to implement. The new director and a history professor held auditions for the Praise and Worship groups, which after being formed, were given little or no supervision. No-shows and liturgical abuses/irregularities followed, as did quality assurance issues. For example, “Alleluia” numbers were put in song lists for Lent, despite the fact that the Alleluia is never part of any Catholic liturgy during the penitential season."

also, the article speaks of the Ave Maria retreat sponsored in NM in March 2007, where the students "were made to run around in circles shouting Native American chants near the start of the Mass." Fr. Fessio prevented the student who complained about this from being expelled from Ave Maria.

Something is not right here, there is not some type of peaceful coexistence of Praise and Worship and Traditional. There's a Liturgical War, and I would say the the P&W's are the aggressors

Thomas Shawn said...

Maybe they should call it EWTN University? Looks like Deal Hudson and Ralph Martin will have a bright careers over there.

The charismatic movement comes across as odious to me. It gives me the creeps.

Thomas Shawn said...

After reading the entire article I can say this: AMU is a charismatic hellhole.

Jerry said...

I would caution against painting with a broad brush. My own experience with the Charismatic Renewal (or Pentecostal Movement as it was originally labelled), was literally life-changing, and for the better. I am not ashamed to say that i had a born-again experience in 1972, and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit shortly thereafter. I did not know Jesus personally before, though i was a regular at Sunday Mass. My life is divided B.C / A.D. and i thank God for the way His Holy Spirit touched and saved me.

I do realize that many charismatics have gone astray, letting the spontaneity and exuberance eclipse a sober and docile obedience to the truth of our faith.

I further suspect that many charismatic prayer groups are no longer characterized by a genuine leading of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps the truth is that the 70's and 80's were a unique time of that kind of grace being poured out abundantly - the 'latter rain' referred to in Joel 2:23, a sort of second Pentecost (see also Joel 2:28-29). And maybe that unique time is now past, and some folks are still clinging to it, though the Spirit is no longer there, like the Apostles who didn't want to leave Tabor.

Just one man's perspective, for what it's worth.

Thomas Shawn said...

As is my perspective one man's. But I will paint with a brush everything that passes before my eyes. I do not need things explained to me and the events at AMU conform to my experience.

There is only one Baptism. To say otherwise is a severe heresy.

Jerry said...

Theologically, the true charismatic experience is a release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that were given at Baptism and Confirmation. There is nothing heretical about the spiritual gifts of prophecy or tongues. Mary and the Apostles were charismatics.

Have the events at AMU passed before your eyes, or have you read one article? I cannot speak to the situation at AMU. (Believe half of what you see, none of what you hear.)

I cannot see into your soul, either, but your words come across as full of venom toward people and happenings that you may not understand. I hope that is not the case.

JayG said...

I posted this article not to condemn, but to inform. AVU will prosper, or wither, based on the fidelity of Tom Monaghan and Nick Healy, not to each other, not to a cause, but to the Pope, Vicar of Christ and head of Christ's Church.

The term baptism needs to be defined for this debate; certainly the Sacrament of Baptism is in water and the Holy Spirit, but as Jesus Himself noted, to be baptised can mean something other than just the sacrament, else why would he ask the Apostles if they could be baptised with the baptism that He was to undergo?

Jerry said...

Thank you, JayG; you have again shown yourself to be a wise moderator.

I, too, find this article troubling, and will take your advice in praying for the situation in Naples.