Mar 24, 2007

Worcester Catholic Men's conference

The 10th annual Worcester Diocese Men's conference was held today at the DCU Center. Dale Ahlquist spoke on marriage and the roles of men and women, quoting G.K.Chesterton at length. Among some of what he said:
Marriage is the only State that creates and loves its own citizens.
Sex is the gate to the house of the family, the foundation of Civilization.
The problem today is that men and women are trying to be both men and women, when men should be men and women should be women.
Once sex ceases to be a servant it becomes a tyrant.
When Almquist converted to Catholicism, one of his lobbyist peers, a lapsed Catholic, said he could not practice a religion that refused to ordain women priests. Dale asked the man if he believed in transubstantiation, if when the priest consecrated the host, it truly became the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The man replied no. So Dale asked, "then why does it matter if a woman cannot do that too?"

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Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Gilbert was the Apostle of Common Sense. We need more like him today.