Feb 8, 2007

See you in Court

Two years ago, David Parker's 5 year old had to listen to a Kindergarden story about two 'princes' who fall in love and marry. David asked to be notified in the future when any discussion of a sexual nature was brought up in his young son's class, so that David and his wife could opt out his son.

Lexington Superintendent Paul Ash refused to meet with David Parker, and had David arrested when he refused to leave. The charge was later dropped. Superintendent Ash broke the Law, but since no one enforced it, David Parker has to sue to exercise his parental rights.

Last year David Parker's son was beaten on school grounds by 10 children, many the children of other Lexington parents who are vocal in their opposition to David Parker, having protested in front of his house. All because he wants to direct his son's upbringing and asked to opt out of these classes!

Lexington continues to ignore the Law, and refuses to allow parents opt out their children from any class that discusses same-sex marriage or transgenderism. Some would argue that this is forced indoctrination, especially in light of the Law, which states parents have a right to opt out of any curriculem involving sex ed or sexuality issues.

Four Lexington parents are suing for Parental Rights. This case brings to light exactly what we should expect from the Goodrich decision - the group right granted to gays will conflict with variious other rights including those of religious freedom and parental rights. As Supt. Ash dismissively asserts in the video, "parents do not have a monopoly on morals." With the help of the Massachusetts Courts, those who promote gay marriage as a right are attempting to corner the market on morality.

It remains to be seen if the same court system that "found" a right to gay marriage finds any parental rights left in our Constitution.


JayG said...

"the schism doesn't bother me - it's the loss of souls... - there is an eternal price to be paid for denying the truth. These bishops have to take that seriously and they have to do everything within their power to help people see the truth. And if, at the end of the day, as it says in the Bible - if you tell the truth and the person to whom you have told the truth decides not to do anything about it anyway, God will not hold you accountable but if you fail to tell the truth - you will be held accountable."
Judy Brown, ALL President, on her new book, "Saving those Damned Catholics"

Anonymous said...

he Ford Motor Company is sponsoring this scene on the FX Channel: http://www.afa.net/dirtscene.asp

This is militant homosexuality.

JayG said...

WALTHAM, MA. (FEB. 6, 2007) Parents from Lexington and elsewhere -- as well as homosexual activists opposing them -- are expected to demonstrate at the Joseph Moakley Courthouse on Wednesday as David Parker’s federal civil rights lawsuit against Lexington school officials begins.

On Wednesday Judge Mark Wolf is expected to hear oral arguments over the defendants’ motion to dismiss the case. The Parkers’ lawyer, Jeffrey Denner, has indicated that they will vigorously defend the Parkers’ ability to take the case to trial. In October, the ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, and other pro-homosexual groups filed a blistering amicus brief against the Parkers’ parental rights in the case.

The incident has been widely reported in local and national media across the country. In April, 2005, David Parker was arrested and spent the night in jail over the Lexington school system's refusal to inform him when adults discuss homosexuality or transgenderism with his 6-year-old son. Later, when parents Rob and Robin Wirthlin found out that the schools had read the homosexual romance book King and King to their second-grade son, the Wirthlins were also told that they had no power to interfere. The Parkers and Wirthlins have joined in a civil rights lawsuit over the matter.

The Lexington superintendent of schools, Paul Ash, has appeared on local and national media defending his decision not to allow parents to be notified nor remove their children when such instruction or discussion by adults is taking place. Ash also published an article in the local Lexington newspaper claiming that such subject matter is not covered under the state’s Parental Notification Law (M.G.L. Ch. 71, Sec. 32A).

For more information on the Parker incident, and legal briefs from both parties:


JayG said...

Thanks anon,
Ford Motor Co. has been strongly supporting the homosexual agenda, supporting same-sex marriage as well as the gay games, and advertising heavily in homosexual magazines such as the Advocate, all before the blatent scene in "Dirt" on the F/X network.

I’d urge you to consider this when purchasing your next car or truck. You can sign the AFA boycott petition at http://www.boycottford.com/

78 Ford Dealers have asked Ford to be neutral in the area of same-sex marriage, as the boycott is hurting business. Read their letter http://www.afa.net/fordtexasletter.asp

Send email to the Ford Motor Co. Chairman protesting their agenda.

Renee said...

They are going to probably lose.

If you remember back in the 90's at Chelmsford High these was an obscene assembly that taught nothing and it was protected (teaching people to lick condoms, have group sex, and enjoy anal sex).

I was a freshman and witnessed it. I didn't know any better, no one gave me the option. What was going to going to do walk out? I was a good kid, and I just didn't skip mandatory assemblys. It legitamized lewd behavior that would otherwise be sexual harassment in the workplace, but if you call it sex education it all fine.

Here is a link to the opinion regarding that incident.


Renee said...

sorry for typos holding baby

JayG said...

No need to apologize for Baby Typos Renee. Though you do need to re-enter that link, the part after OPINION got cut off and the link does not work. We'll forgive you for that too!

JayG said...



You'll need to cut and paste the URL.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Dear Jay and friends of DTF:

A devout Catholic woman from the Philippines just wrote me an email today. In it she says:

"Dear Paul,

We see that our current society is giving way to the pleasure of the flesh in this same sex marriage which opposes the Natural Law....and this has been forbidden since the creation of the world..It was Eve not Steve who was tempted in the Garden of Eden... Same sex marriage therefore, glorifies the flesh and pleasure. God-given use of sex is for purpose of procreation and not for mutual or self pleasure only.

I have visited the site of Jay..DTF...it seems that Satan is active in his place.... :((

Anyway, the point is...he is there too in the battle to defend what is true and just....

God bless both of you..." Soldiers of Christ !!! "

my prayers always,


I am sharing this with you because you are all making an impact.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless all of you for your work in defending the Church's teaching and opposing the radical homosexual agenda.


JayG said...

Thanks Paul, and thanks to Tess for those kind, and inspiring words. I would summarize my own conversion story as 'just showing up', and with a tip of the hat to Michael Brown over at Spirit Daily, I would add that now that I have showed up, I try to stand firm:

Thomas Shawn said...

"parents do not have a monopoly on morals."

Wow! There it is. Parents need to be concerned. How many even know what the morals of the principal are.

Residents of Ashburnham, MA must only wonder when the prinicipal of Briggs elementary school was booted out.

It was never revealed what went on but a police officer was seen hauling away his PC.

JayG said...

Lawyers representing a Massachusetts school district named as a defendant in a parent's civil rights complaint have said teachers at Estabrook Elementary School have a "legitimate state interest" in teaching the homosexual lifestyle, and parents have no input into those decisions.

John Hosty said...

When I saw the title of this article I thought it was a new spin on the Cirignano issue, my mistake. It will be interesting to see all those people in court who said they saw this and that, because now they have their chance. I believe the court date is in April.

JayG said...

John! Long time no post! How's things? I believe it's the 11th. Was Ray there Tuesday?

John Hosty said...

Well Jay, its a tough world to be gay in, but I'm doing just fine. Why do you ask about Ray?

JayG said...

I thought I saw him at the Worcester Court on Tuesday, based on pictures on your web site, and pictures from the Rally.

And I don't know if I agree that it's a tough world to be gay in. Some would argue that it's a tough world to be traditionally married in, a tough world to raise a family in, a tough world to have firm convictions in, especially if those convictions run counter to popular trends.

John Hosty said...

The magistrate hearing was closed doors, and there was no witnesses heard. Your lawyer did not tell you that? I was not there either, but Ray tends to stay out of the political arena. He doesn't think people care enough about their fellow man to bother.

I personally don't see why we can't talk about our fears, and then put them to rest. The last time I tried to do that though I was attacked on all sides by your friends. If you wish to have a discussion I would expect you to moderate the tone. I don't need to come here to get bashed.

I am still open to discuss things with you, I am just not willing to go through all the vitriol. I can make more productive use of my time than that.

JayG said...

Fears that are founded, as opposed to unfounded, should not be put to rest, they should be addressed.

patriziapessoa said...

If we address our fears and they are resolved, then they can be put to rest. You are evading the point Mr. Hosty is making.

JayG said...

We disagree on the resolution...I'm not evading anything.

John Hosty said...

On the contrary Jay, we have not yet even had the discussion for you to be able to hear a resolution for. We have touched on a few subjects, but that is as deep as the conversation got. I don't mind you dismissing what I have to say, just be more honest with yourself and admit that it really doesn't matter to you. I am used to that.

William said...