May 2, 2011

Cuff Lenk

Openly homosexual Judge Barbara Lenk has been nominated to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court by Gov. Patrick, in what could only be described as an affirmative action nomination.

Follow this link to see the shameful way the Governor's Council and Lt. Gov. Timmy Murray treat Pro-Traditional Family advocates who testified. Members of the Council felt free to demean, insult, patronize, intimidate, and question the motives of anti-Lenk testifiers, but gave unlimited time to Lenk Supporters and allowed Lenk to dodge tough questions about her judicial activism (When questioned by the Governor's Council about judicial activism, she flippantly claimed that she had no idea what that meant)and her disdain for the 2nd Amendment. She was asked by the Governor's Council: "Does the 2nd Amendment apply to the residents of Massachusetts through the due process clause of the 14th Amendment?" She refused to give an answer.

Ruling in an Incest case, Lenk wrote "By necessary implication, homosexual conduct . . . does not constitute incest and is not prohibited by the statute." This means homosexual incest would not be punished by Massachusetts incest law and that homosexual brothers and 1st cousins would be allowed to marry each other under Lenk's jurisprudence.

Call or email the Governor's Council and urge a No vote for Barbara Lenk.

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JayG said...

Boston Globe, Letters, May 3, 2011 (Judicial Nominee @ Governor's Council)

THE GLOBE’S elitist and condescending editorial condemning my testimony at the Barbara Lenk hearing was certainly predictable (“Decision on Lenk should focus on her record, not her sexuality,’’ April 29). But I speak for countless parents across the Commonwealth. And, yes, the Governor’s Council needed to hear it.

Parents are sick and tired of the homosexual indoctrination process in the public schools, which now reaches into kindergarten with homosexual-themed story books and into middle schools with the setting up of gay-straight alliance clubs.

Lenk’s elevation to the Supreme Judicial Court would only serve to accelerate the homosexual indoctrination. Lenk prominently appeared in the homosexual-themed magazine Boston Spirit as an “openly gay’’ judge who was described as helping to “create a shift in the culture.’’ Her same-sex marriage reinforces a right invented by activist judges repudiating thousands of years of Western culture. She will be used as a new role model for schoolchildren, and we can expect more anti-family judicial activism down the road.

I testified before the council that the notion that one is born gay is a myth. But the Globe’s editorial assertion that homosexual behavior is like being black or Asian has become the party line.

We need less of this nonsense, not more of it.

Sally J. Naumann, Carlisle